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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fish look to have a Torre day

Dodgers lineup

Brian Sanchez-3-1 vs. Hiroki Kuroda-5-4

Navarro in the 9th inning with a game winning pinch hit

While the Dodgers are coming off of a much needed win, in a very rare fashion. the marlins are looking to do something that an old friend used to do in almost every game. florida is looking to have a Torre day.

we all remember and still cringe at the thought of Torre lumbering out to the mound in the 5th inning to remove our starter who was normally pitching a shutout. only to watch him empty out the bullpen using 7 pitchers over the last 4+ innings. well the marlins Ace Josh Johnson is still out with a sore shoulder. but instead of calling someone up to replace him for a start, the marlines manager Edwin Rodriguez and the fish are going to have a "bullpen day". seriously this should be good for a laugh. There going to start with Long man Brian Sanches, and use the entitre bullpen to pitch the game. Sanches hasnt started a game since 2007.

The Dodgers will Counter with Kiroki Kuroda. Kuroda is 1-1 with a 3.12 ERA vs the fish. and 5-4 on the season. once again, when his splitter is working hes tough to beat.

the Dodgers got some bad news on Balke Hawksworth's injury. its actually a hip injury and not a groin injury, as previously thought. Hawksworth had been on a rehab assignment last night, when he felt something in his hip. we might not get him back for another couple of weeks.

so while Edwin Rodriguez, is channeling his inner Joe Torre, and the Dodgers are trying to put together a real honest to goodness winning streak. ( I know I know two in a row!). pull up a chair as Vinny would say. game time at 710. GO BLUE

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