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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dodgers open up may with crapfest lose 7-0

Padres    7  7  0
Dodgers  0 5  1
Ethier-27 game hitting streak

I had such high hopes for the dodgers this new month, but they were quickly dashed by this awful crapfest losing the series and the game 7-0 to the padres. this was an awful game today.

Jon Garland, gave them a respectable start, despite allowing 3 runs to score in the second inning.
the Dodgers were unable to score off of Dustin Moseley, and the bullpen was awful once again.

in the top of the second the padres scored three runs off of Garland, then didnt score until the attrocious bullpen entered the game, although Hawksworth did do his job by pitching scoreless 7th and 8th innings.

Hundley leads off the second with a walk. Hudson singles him to third. another single follows from Maybin scoring hundley sending Maybin to third.
notorious Dodger killer Brad Hawpe singles in Hudson and Maybin. 3-0 SD
Patterson flies out, and Moseley fails to sacrifice.

with 1 out in the third, Headly walks, and steals second, Navarros lousy throw no where in the neighborhood of second base. sailing into center field, as headly easily took third.
after hundley strikes out, hudson walks, but Maybin also strikes out.
garland depsite the early troubles, settled down and gave a quality start. going 6 innings only allowing 3 hits and 3 runs, walking 4 and striking out 8.

down 3-0 in the 7th, it was clear we were going to lose, but at least Ethier extended his hitting streak to 27 games. Ethier who was 0 for 1 with a walk up to that point, hit a sharp liner down the line that Hawpe managed to knock down but it bounced away, allowing Ethier to reach. Ruled a hit, and Ethier's amazing hit streak continues! GO DRE!

in the 9th, the Dodgers brought in Kuo, and clearly he is not healthy yet. it looked like he had the yips, as he only retired 1 batter, and made 25 pitches, before being lifted for Macdougal. Dougie allowed a sac fly, and a double, and resident shithead Lance Cormier gave up more runs before finally getting the last out, and by then it was 7-0.

so it was lousy offense attrocious relief pitching and awful cacthing. a perfect recipe for mediocrity.

I still have no idea why the Dodgers would choose to keep Cormier while sending down Jansen. btw the dodgers now have the worst bullpen in the national league with a collevtice Relief ERA of 5.22, only Detroit and baltimore have worse bullpens than us. if it werent for our good starting pitching, and Kemp and ethier, we would be burried. its time to get some new players in.

night game tomorrow, as the Dodgers welcome in the chicago cubs with Kershaw on the mound. lets have a clean slate tomorrow. until tomorrow Dodger land. GO BLUE!

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