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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dodgers look for second helpings in chicago

Dodgers Lineup

Jon Garland-1-3 vs. Mark Buehrle-3-3

Russ Mitchell Celebrating after he watches his game tying hail mary homerun go fair.

Didnt see that one coming now did you? Im talking of coarse about last night's miracle win at the last minute. it was the 9th inning with 2 outs, in the mystic fog, the Dodgers trailing 3-2. no one on base. the whitesox closer on the mound coming off of 20 scoreless innings. it looked like another depressing loss. all seemed hopeless. until..............remember those guardian angels that were at the last couple of games? sure the dodgers still lost those games, but it wasnt becase of the guardians. not even divine intervention, can get Lance Cormier through a scoreless inning.

with 2 outs and a 2-1 count to Russ Mitchell. the guardians came to the rescue, to protect the Boys in Blue, preventing a continuing spiral into hell, and saving thousands of Dodger fans from commiting Harey Carey.
Russ Mitchell's Hail Mary home run down the left field line, stays just fair, perhaps being nudged fair by a guardian.

in the tenth inning, we had conescutive hits from Juan Castro! Loney(double), and Gibbons, as the Dodgers scored 3 runs on their way to a 6-4 win. the guardians swooped in again to protect the Boys in Blue, as Juan Castro's run scoring single, falls just over Konerko's head down the line to score the go ahead run. Mattingly definatly reprieved himself, by correctly playing the matchups in the bottom of the 10th, by giving Guerrier the hook, using Elbert to retire the Ogre, and bringing in Dougie for the last out retiring Konerko on a groundball. Mitchell also made a terrific diving stop in that 10th inning, sealing the win for the Dodgers. they finally have something they havent had for quite a while. Momentum.    also equally as amazing, the Dodgers beating an american league team on the road.

the Dodgers look for more second helpings in the second game of the series. however their walking wounded got a little bigger. add Juan Uribe to this list, with a strained hip flexor. (what the hell is a flexor?) were still not sure of the extent of his injury, but for now he is not in the lineup, and day to day.

Jon Garland will match up against his old teammate, Mark Buehrle, on the mound today. Garland, Uribe and Buehrle were all teammates with the whitesox, during their world series championship year of 2005. Garland won 18 games for the whitesox, and Uribe recorded the final out of the world series. Both players were honered before last nights game in a special ceremony.

Garland is looking for his 6th straight quality start, and Buehrle is tied for the most interleague wins with 23. the Dodgers will need to watch out for Ogre, as he is hitting .417 off Garland, with 2 homeruns, also note Alex Rios is hitting .294 off garland in his career.
Ethier takes over DH duties today.

game time at 1110AM on KCAL. its early Baseball folks! go blue!

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