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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dodgers waste Bills one-hitter

Dbacks    1  1  0
Dodgers   0  4  1

hello Dodger land! we just returned from Dodger stadium. tonight is the first DBF postgame weve done this year after attending a game. we were going to do some kind of real live post from the ravine with our phones, but none of our phones were working well enough for that to happen.

tonight we arrived at the ballpark, got our dodger dogs, and settled into our seats. Stac, brother in law Cory, Neice Kaila, and myself, were all in attendance for tonights game. we sat in the reserved level, aisle 6, section A. very good seats, almost right behind home plate, but on the first base side.

there was tonights pitching Matchup. who the hell is this Noob Collmenter? we had no idea, but we knew it didnt matter against the Dodgers, cause they werent scoring tonight.

there was tonight's starting lineup, as you can see, the bottom of the lineup is a vast wasteland of automatic outs. notice Uribe's blistering .205 avg!

tonight saw two things we may never see again. for the first time since 1914, the Dodgers allowed only 1 hit, but lost, and even more rare, Loney got an extra base hit (a double), however the dodgers still lost 1-0.

after a 123 first inning, the only run scored in the top of the second.

there was Chad, pitching another brilliant game, too bad the Dodgers field a little ball lineup every day.

in the top of the second inning, Steven Drew leads off with a double, apparently still pissed off about his lousy performence last night. then with Montero at bat, Bills whirls around for a pickoff throw at second base, only one little problem.......there was nobody covering second base! yeah woops! im not sure if there was some kind of communication problem, between bills/miles/carroll. dont know. teh ball sailed into center field. Bills throw would have been fine if someone was ya know covering the bag. Miles should have got the blame for that one, as he was nowhere in the neighborhood of second base, and just stood there frozen, much like one of his at bats. Carroll wasnt there either. they gave the error to Bills, as they had to give the error to someone right? Drew moves to third. Montero then walks. Bills settled down though. Mora flies out to right field, but Drew scores on the Sac fly. that was it folks. nothing more to see. the only run of the game. this game had more ohfers than a bowl full of cheerios, sphagetti-Os, and a box of doghnuts all in one.
Branyan and Parra both strike out after Mora's sac fly.

the game rolled along very quick. Ohfers make games go by very fast.

Bills was terrific. bills went 8 innings, allowing only that 1 hit, walking two, pitching 8 1 hit innings, and strikeing out 8.  he also contributed at the plate with a double, which makes him a more dangerous hitter than like, everyone in the lineup after Kemp. after the drew double in the second inning, Bills retired everyone until a walk in the 7th.

Collmenter was also very good, but remember its the Dodgers lineup here. its like shuting out a little league team, I mean we can give the guy credit, but come on, its the Dodgers lineup.

the Dodgers had only 2 hits until the 8th inning, when they had there only chance to score.
Loney led off with a double. thats right. we saw something that only comes along once every 75 years or so, a james loney extra base hit. keep in mind, this was his third extra base hit of the year, in comparison, Bills has two.

Gwynn pinch runs for loney at second base. with no one out, Big Rod is at bat, and Donnie decides to have him sacrifice. this is kind of pointless, remember Big Rod bunting is never a good idea ever, plus Gwynn would have scored on any kind of single anyways, so why give away an out, when your entire lineup has been doing  that all night and all year. the count went to 0-2, but big rod got the bunt down and Gwynn moves to third with 1 out.

now all we need at this point is a fly ball deep to score the run. with Sands up, Donnie decides for some unknown reason, to have Fatty Navarro pinch hit, of all people. why? we still have no idea. Navarro, who is just excruciatingly bad, predictably strikesout. the next spot is the pitcher's spot, once again Donnie is forced to go to a useless bench. Gibbons pinch hits, and flys out. still 1-0 arizona.

in the bottom of the 9th, arizona closer JJ Putz enters the game, and promptly gives up a hit to the singles machine, Jamey Carroll. with carroll at first, Miles tries to sacrifice, but cant do it, and the count runs to 0-2, then he pathetically strikes out. Ethier then walks, to extend his conescutive reaching base streak. with 1 out and first and second, Kemp grounds into a game ending double play.

and thats all folks! i hope you enjoyed our very first live postgame edition, with pics! the crowd at the Ravine was very sparse, only 30,000 in attendance. and with this team as bad as they are, we can see why. the Dodger stadium field was in prestine condition as it always is. while you might not see the Dodgers score any runs, on the plus side, I saw quite a few very cute Dodger usher girls. next time im at the game, I might fake a question about my ticket, so I might strike up a convo with one of those cuties.

tomorrow's game is at 105, and the rubber game of the series with Ted Lilly on the mound. GO BLUE!

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