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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Today is a good Dre

Dodgers  4 10 0
Mets       2   8 0

I know what your thinking. hey didnt we already use this title before? yes we did a couple weeks back in florida, when Dre hit another go ahead home run in that game. well he did it again today to help the Dodgers finally get off the perennial shnide, as they beat the mets 4-2. salvaging a victory on this otherwise crappy slate of games. so yeah im bringing it back, its broughten!

ive almost forgotten how to write about a win, but here goes, to the highlights we go!

the Dodgers had their ace Kershaw on the mound against the knuckleballer R.A. Dickey. the mets score in the first as Kershaw has a shaky first inning.  with 1 out, consecutive walks to Turner and Wright, Kershaw gets mad and strikes out Bay. Paulino annoyingly singles to score turner, but kersh strikes out Davis.
weve seen this before from Kershaw.  he did this alot last year, hell be a bit shaky in the first inning, walking a guy or two, but after the first inning, no one hits him at all, for the rest of the game. NOBODY. and this is what happened.

the Dodgers even it up in the third. kershaw leading off is plunked by a knuckleball. aaaaah the knuckler. then Kershaw hustles into third on a passed ball charged to Paulino. yesssss float, float on sweet knuckler.
carrolls groundball advances Kershaw to third. Miles gets a lucky seen eye single to right scoring Kersh, tie game. 1-1. Ethier and Kemp both make out to end the third.

the Dodgers play small ball to eek out a run in the 4th. after Uribe grounds out, Loney gets a blooper flare sinlge into left. Sands singles through the hole in right, putting runners at first and third. Big Rod, hits a little slow roller to third, wright throws to second, but sands running on the play, makes a good slide to break up the double play. he is out, but Big Rod is safe at first, and loney scores on the fielders choice. dodgers take the lead 2-1.

the top of the 5th inning, summarized our agonies for the year. the Dodgers load the bases with none out, and fail to score. Carroll (who gets a game ball as well for a 3 hit performence) singles. miles another lucky blooper to center, ethier a clean base hit to right, but Carroll cant score, loading the bases. then of coarse, kemp grounds into a double play. a little dribbler back to the box. uribe follows suit with a groundout to second.

Kershaw hummed right along through the 5th inning, and 6th innings.

the Dodgers get two more much needed runs in the 7th. Carroll singles, and Miles sacrifices him to second. Dre then slams a home run to right field. his 4th of the year. 4-1 Dodgers!!!!!!!

move along to the bottom of the 7th inning. Kershaw tired, walks Pridie. old friend Chin-Lung Hu bats for Dickey, and strikesout, Kersh had 8 strikeouts on the night. reyes singles sending Pridie to second. Turner at bat, hits a combacker right to kershaw, Kersh throws wide to Carroll and only the out at second is recorded.  turner safe at first. Donnie hooks kershaw and brings in Jansen.
Kershaw has another great start going 6.2 1 run 6 hits, 3 walks, 8 Ks.

Jansen looked nervous pitching out of a stretch, walking Wright, but battles back to retire Bay on a fly ball.

Guerrier comes in to pitch the 8th, and records a 123 inning. if I hadnt seen it with my own eyes, I wouldnt hav believed it. now ive seen everything, a matty guerrier 123 inning!

with the Dodgers still up 4-1 in the bottom of the 9th, Padilla enters the game to close shop. Pridie flies out, and things are looking good. then we get scared, Murphy hitting for Oconner, singles. and the neverending annoyance of Jose Reyes, triples again, on a ball hit over Kemps head into nowheresville. Murphy scores from first, its 4-2. I still have way more confidence in padilla then Broxton right now. Padilla gets Beltran to fly out, and strikes out David Wright, to end the game. Dodgers win!!!! how 'bout that!

and with that Kershaw gets the win, Ethier and Carroll game balls, Padilla, Jansen, and Guerrier with solid efforts out of the bullpen. (for once).

most times, this blog, embodies our emotions througout the season. at times were sad, frustrated, happy, or downright jubilant. as fans we often ask ourselves questions when our team is in the toilet, or in the midst of a slump. we ask why? why our team? why now? when will they break out of it? we will continue to ask these questions as we trudge along through the season. its a long year, and anything can happen. lets all hang in there, and keep hope. the Dodgers will fly to Pittsburgh for a long four game series. tomorrow, Bills vs. Karstens in Pittsburgh, game time 405. happy Mothers day everyone! GO BLUE!

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