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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dodgers cant hit fishpen, or anyone

Marlins  6  14  1
Dodgers 1   6  0

Im getting to the point, where I know exactly when the Dodgers have lost the game. normally theres a point where we say to ourselves, yep thats it, there not going to score, 2 or 3 or 4 or even 1 run. today that moment came in the top fo the first inning when the fish scored 2 runs off 3 hits off Kuroda.

The Fish had to use a Joe Torre inspired idea of having a long man start the game, followed by a bunch of relievers. ( I joke here, torre didnt invent the idea).
Coughlan doubled to center to lead off the game. obligatory first inning runs here we come. Ramirez grounds out advancing Coughlan to third. Morisson a sac fly to center to score coughlan. 1-0 fish. Gabby Sanchez doubles, Dobbs singles him in its now 2-0. and with that the game is over.

oh wait theres actually eight more innings left right? yet we all know the Dodgers have zero chance of winning.
the Dodgers got their nightly run in the third inning. Kuroda led off with a walk against Brian Sanches, still in with a 50 pitch count limit. Furcal singled Kuroda to second. Blake strikes out looking like a statue. Ethier grounds into a fielders choice. Furcal is out, Kuroda goes to third. Bison doubles down the third base line, scoring their 1 run. Loney grounds out to end the inning.

while the marlins were having a bullpen day, Kuroda was busy ensuring the Dodgers would have one of those as well. he allowed another run in the 4th inning.  Sanchez doubles, Gabby that is not the pitcher. Brian was out after 3 innings only allowing 1 run. a dobbs popout. Stanton strikes out, but then infante singles, hayes singles....yawn.....3-1

Mujica relieves Brian Sanches in the fourth and has a 123 inning.

Mujica strikes out the side in the 5th despite Furcal singling and stealing second......zzzzzzzzz.........

the fish score two more in the 6th inning, in Kuroda's last inning of work. Dobbs doubles, Stanton walks, infante sacrifices, Dougie relieves Kuroda. Hayes grounds out, runners stay put for the moment. Pinch hitter Wes Helms...@###!!# doubles in two its 5-1. am I still awake? oh yeah I am. Coughlan finally grounds out, snore

in the 6th inning some guy named badenhop comes into reitre the side. Loney singles, extending his streak, but Sands grounds into a double play.

Jansen relives Dougie and walks a bunch of guys, gives up a run, yada yada yada ....6-1. are you bored yet? yes this is the 2011 Dodgers. there this bad.

Troncuscko entered the game in the 8th, and amazingly didnt give up a run.

Dunn pitches the bottom of the 8th.

attendance tonight was announced ar 29,471, the lowest saturday attendance since 1992, but it looked like even less than that. attendance will continue to plummet until there is a competitive team on the field. I seriously cant wait until guys start getting pink slips. this lousy team has zero chance of even having a prayer of being competitive.

rubber game of the three game series is tomorrow at 110,with Kershaw on the mound. go blue

*by the way there was some kind of fire in one of the warehouses behind the reserved level seating. no one was harmed. fortunatly the 5 people sitting in the reserved section were moved.*

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