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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Donnie uses forfeit lineup for rubber game

Dodgers lineup

Ian Kennedy-3-1 vs. Ted Lilly-3-3

looks like Mattingly has decided to take a break from winnin' today. but then again, the Dodger lineup takes a break from winning every day. look at how ugly this lineup is.

Castro, (the worst player in baseball) is playing third base batting 7th. Navarro catching and batting 6th. because after strikeing out last night in the 8th inning, why not reward him with a start?, and just as laughable, Loney bats 5th behind Kemp. this little league lineup, is pathetic.

one of the Dbacks best pitchers is on the mound today in Ian Kennedy. Kennedy has pitched well, going 3-1. hell match up against Ted Lilly for the Dodgers, who is 3-3, and coming off of a good start in Pittsburgh.

dont expect to see any kind of runs scored at all today. seriously dont.

also note, that Blake Hawksworth is still feeling some discomfort, after straining a groin muscle in pittsburgh. it looks like he will be going on the DL, but the Dodgers have said they will be adding another arm. I have no idea who that would be? schlicting? Jon Link? the isoptopes are picked clean.

now lets pray that Mattingly doesnt decide to have Kemp sacrifice or something.......go blue!

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