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Monday, May 9, 2011

Third Place is the Pitts

Dodgers @ Pirates
4:10 pm
Game 1

Andre Ethier helped secure our Mother's Day miracle win yesterday afternoon with his heroic homerun allowing us to save face and not be swept by the Mets. In the second leg of this East Coast road trip, we have four games vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates where we'll see familiar faces like Xavier Paul, Joe Beimel, and perhaps even James McDonald. The Pirates are 17-17, and so their mediocrity is sadly slightly better than the Dodgers record of 16-19.

Chad Billingsley (2-1, 3.92) will go up against a Pirate with similar numbers to Bills, Jeff Karstens (2-1, 4.05). The Pirates have had decent pitching so far.

Some quick thoughts...Hong-Chih Kuo's error on Saturday makes me a little weary since he has been dealing with the yips. Don Mattingly may not be using him properly, especially after seeing him used in back-to-back outings Friday and Saturday. Kuo needs to be constantly working, but also not overdoing it because of his history of surgeries.

Will James Loney ever hit another extra base hit this season? He only has two thus far. His last one was a homerun in Colorado back on April 6th over a month ago. Before that, it was back on opening day, March 31st. He had a double. We will keep you updated in case the the rarity of a Loney extra base hit occurs. It's almost as rare as seeing a unicorn.


Carroll 6
Miles 4
Ethier 9
Kemp 8
Uribe 5
Loney 3
Sands 7
Barajas 2
Billingsley 1

Aye ye mateys! Let's go swashbucklin' and try to win a game so we can drink grog instead of swabbing the decks! X marks the spot for the win...Arrrr!

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