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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dodgers look to free themselves from mediocrity in game two vs cubs

Dodgers lineup

Ryan Dempster 1-3 vs. Cahd Billinglsy 2-1

after one tough weekend as Stac described yesterday, the Dodgers got a win, thanks to a strong start by Kershaw, and timly hitting from Kemp, Ethier, Uribe and Sands. the Dodgers evened their books, and look to get back on the winning side tonight, in the second game of the three game series vs Chicago.

Ryan Dempster takes the mound for the cubs. Dempster has always pitched well against the Dodgers going 4-1 with a 1.80 ERA. however Dempster has had a rough start to the year, and is coming off of one of his worst starts of the year, a disster aginst arizona in which he only retired one batter while facing ten, allowed 7 runs, and a grand slam home run.
the Dodgers will counter with Chad Billingsly, who has been effective against the cubs in his career. (3-3 3.79 1.46 WHIP 45K)

Loney and the automatic out of Aaron Miles are back in the lineup. loney at first and Miles at second base batting eighth. im still not quite clear as to why were not playing dejesus? but ok.

all-star right fielder Andre Ethier continues his DREmatic quest to break the all time Dodger hit streak record tonight. Ethier who had an infield single last night to extend his streak to 28 games, is looking to tie Zack Wheat for second on the all time Dodger list. after Wheat, only Davis is left to catch at 31 games. Ethier is now halfway to Jolten Joe DiMaggio's record 56 game streak. lets not get ahead of ourselves just yet. lets catch Davis first, then Ethier can set his sights on the National league record of 44 held by Pete Rose and Willie Keeler.  GO DRE!!!

the Dodgers made a roster move today. they put outfielder Marcus THames on the DL, still bothered by theat sore left quad muscle, and reinstated Jay Gibbons. I was all for picking up Thames this year, since when hes healthy and playing every day hes been a productive hitter. but thus far hes been a useless bum, despite hitting the only two Dodger pinch hit homeruns this year. as for Gibbons, he is returning from his vision problems. lets hope hes able to ya know see the ball....his vision could still be a bit sketchy.

before we go for the day, there was a story published on the Dodgers website, about James "groundball" Loney. manager Don Mattingly, wants Loney to go low to left field when he hits. so as incentive, hes created a loney fly ball jar. every time Loney hits a fly ball to left field he gives Donnie a dollar in the Jar. if he hits a line drive, Donnie will have to give Loney a dollar. this is hilarious, and obviously wont work. that fly ball jar is going to be very empty, after all Loney didnt go through 6 years of groundballology school just to hit those "line drives".  I doubt Loney even knows what a line drive is.

game time at 710 on kcal. enjoy the game! GO BLUE!!!

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