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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blackbeard meltdown again, Dodgers still lose 3-1

Giants     3  7  0
Dodgers  1  6  1

Jamey Carroll reacts after watching the final out

Nate Shierholtz, of the bastards, makes a diving catch to end the game

before the game started we recieved the depressing news that the Dodgers had placed Vicente Padilla on the Disbaled list again, with irritation in his forearm. as a result of having no one else to replace him, they were forced to call up Ramon Troncsucko from AAA. tronsucko is so bad, he can make Lance Cormier look like an all-star. remember when the Dodgers actually had a bullpen?

the giants are playing banged up as well. pablo sandoval their third baseman (fat ass panda) is out for another month at least with a broken hand, and Mark Derosa hurt his wrist while....well were not sure, he was standing in the batters box last night and like his hand fell of or something, so the giants are playing fontenot at third, and tejada at short.

were witnessing the final painful death of the 2011 Dodger season, as the Dodgers lost again, despite finally showing life with 2 outs in the 9th, and a pretty entertaining blackbeard mini meltdown. losing to the giants 3-1, and finishing another awful homestand at 2-5. we watch in great sadness as the Dodgers make their run towards last place. this game was a snoozefest, and over before it began.

a winless madison bumgarner was looking for his first win of the year, as the Dodgers countered with Chad Billinsly, who was coming off of his 1 hit through 8 inning loss to the Dbacks.

Bills didnt have his best stuff, but still gave the Dodgers a quality start. his pitching line was irrelevent, the Dodgers lineup is a wasteland of automatic outs. Donnie is starting to piss me off with his bunting crap, and these little league lineups are excruciatingly bad.

both pitchers pitched scoreless first innings.

the giants got on the board in the second inning.  Posey led off with a double to right. Shierholtz and ross fly out. Fontenot doubles in Posey 1-0 giants.

the giants get another run in the third. Bumgarner the pitcher doubles. Torres atempting to sacrifice, reaches base as the bunt is perfectly placed. bumgarner goes to third, and scores on a sanchez sac fly 2-0 giants.

the giants threatened to blow the game open in the 4th inning,  Ross walks, and takes second on a Mitchell pick off error. Fonteonot walks, but Torres and tejada both strike out

Bills almost melts down in the 5th, but barly gets out of it. posey and ross are walked, and Sheirholtz is hit by a pitch to load the bases, Bills strikes out Fontenot to end the inning.

the giants picked up there third run in the 6th inning, with Bills still in the game. tejada singles, and is sacrificed to second. torres grounds out, but Sanchez singles him home making it 3-0.

bills was hit for in the bottom of the 6th. here is his line for the night. 6IP 6 hits, 3 runs, 4 walks, and 4 strikeouts, plus two hit batters.

Javy Guerra who looks very good, pitches a scoreless 7th inning, followed by Guerrier who pitches the 8th.

with the score still 3-0, Ramon troncuscko is brought in to pitch the 9th, and retires the side in order, most fans had to be revived from complete shock.

here is where the game gets interesting. the giants leave bumgarner in to pitch the 9th. I dont blame them at this point, with the dodgers pathetic lineup, it should have been an easy complete game shutout for Bumgarner, but he runs out of gas.
the Dodgers only had 5 hits up to this point. there were in danger of being shutout at home for the fourth time this year.
Kemp flies out, and Uribe pops out. 2 outs, and where are the guardian angels from last night? even they packed up and went home.

then something amazing happens, the dodgers begin a last ditched hail mary comeback.

Big Rod a pop fly single to left. Sandman doubles into the gap, scoring Big rod, 3-1. (sands has hit alot of doubles since being called up)
the giants take out Bumgarner, and bring in Blackbeard. remember blackbeard blew the save last night.
hilariously Blackbeard begins to have his very own meltdown ala Jonathon Broxton. Gibbons pinch hitting for Mitchell walks. Loney batting for troncsucko also walks, as Blackbeard cant locate his fastballs.
with the bases loaded, up comes Carroll. remember the Dodgers are like 3 for a million with the bases loaded this year. are the guardians back to help us again? nope. the 9th inning was like having a chocolate milkshake dangled in front of our faces, and then just when we reach for it, it gets spilled all over our feet.  Carroll slices a low line drive to shallow right field, but giants right fielder Shierholtz makes a game ending diving catch on Carroll's liner, sending us all further into depression.

im struggling to find anything positive to say at this point. were now 20-25, five games below .500. I hate to have to throw up the white flag before june, but its time to start selling. we need to replenish the farm system. theres no shame in rebuilding so we can make a run in 2012, or 2013.

the only good thing I can think of is hit machine should be rejoining the team very soon, possibly tomorrow in chicago. Ted Lilly will go to the mound against Humber vs the white sox. as the Dodgers play their first interleague series of the year. game time at 510. go blue

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