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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ethier looks to tie Willie Davis

Dodgers lineup

Jon Garland-1-2 vs. Chris Young-1-0

im not going to even discuss the ugly lineup above. im not going to discuss how the Dodgers lineup has there leadoff and number two hitters hitting .217 and .247 respectivly. I wont even get into this. there going to lose again tonight, we all know this. so lets talk about the only thing that makes tonight's game interesting to watch, because after all a team that boasts leadoff bats with avgs below .250 is most likly not going to win many games.

Andre Ethier will attempt to tie the all time Dodger hit streak record, held by Willis Davis (31). making it to 30 is very diffcult, but as the streak goes on it will only get more diffucult. I could not imagine anything more intense than trying to tie the all time Dodger hit streak, in New York of all places. good luck tonight DRE!!!

Garland hopes to actually win a game for the Dodgers, he is 1-1 lifetime against the mets. Chris Young fresh off of a very good start in philly where he pitched 7 shutout innings, is feeling fine after recovering from shoulder tentinitis. Young is 2-5 lifetime vs the Dodgers. and in case your wondering, ethier is 12 for 29 lifetime against Chris Young. thats a .414 avg, hes also hit 6 homeruns off Young with 10 RBI.

lets see if we can actually win a game. I havent covered a win since the last game of the Chicago series in wrigly field. yep thats right that was april 24. will I still remember how to write about a win? check back in later to see. GO BLUE!

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