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Monday, May 30, 2011

Let's Make it a Memorable Memorial Day

Rockies @ Dodgers
Game 1

I was talking about how boring Dodger games have usually been this season when they get 1 or 2 runs off 4 or 5 hits. Yesterday's game was no fluke-like win where the stars aligned just right or a blue moon hovered over Dodger Stadium. It was an honest to goodness shutout win including an amazing performance from Clayton Kershaw and some actual offense. The Dodgers finally won a series, their only one in the month of May. They wrap up the homestand with three games vs. the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies have been a very streaky ball club the past two years, and they have just lost 5 of 7 games at home. The Dodgers lost both games in Colorado they played earlier this season. The Rockies are in 3rd place while the Dodgers sit in fourth. All joking aside, Arizona is currently in 1st place, 1/2 game ahead of the Giants.

Chad Billinglsey (3-4, 3.69) looks for his second win in a row after picking one up against the Astros his last time out. Jason Hammel (3-4, 3.20) will go to the mound for the Rockies. He hasn't won a game in a month, but he did win against the Dodgers on April 6th. Bills had a bad game that day in Denver, only going 3 innings and allowing 5 runs. In 9 games vs. the Dodgers, Hammel has a 3.79 ERA.


Furcal 6
Carroll 4
Ethier 9
Kemp 8
Gibbons 7
Loney 3
Barajas 2
Miles 5
Billingsley 1

Looks like Miles will be starting at third base today. We noticed Casey Blake looking at his arm and wincing in the dugout yesterday, so we hope he's ok. Remember he's extremely rusty, so we have to constantly check to see if he's in the lineup. Gibbons will be in left field, so no doubt we'll see at least one lost ball or bumbling play out there especially with the recent wind. Today the Dodgers will also don special stars & stripes caps to commemorate Memorial Day.

Go red, white, and BLUE;)


  1. Let's hope the Dodgers didn't use up all their offense yesterday. Billingsley deserves some run support too!

  2. he got some runs! this offensive explosion is fun!:)