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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ethiers streak snapped, bullpen blows game, Dodgers lose again, yada yada yada

Dodgers 2 8  1
Mets      4  9  1

Apparently it was Seinfeld night at Citi field tonight, the Dodgers were hoping to laugh off there horrible play.

looking at tonight's lineup, Donnie clearly wasnt interested in scoring much tonight. I mean becasue you always want to bat your two worst hitters (miles, Loney) 1-2 in the lineup. especially when your first baseman is batting .217 with only 2 extra base hits all season! So of coarse you want him batting in your 2-hole.

Ethier entered tonight with a 30 game hitting streak. looking to tie the all time dodger record held by Willie Davis.

about 5 minutes before the game, the Mets pulled a switcheroo on us. replacing announced starter Chris Young, with unknown youngster Dillon Gee. Dillon Gee? yeah I have no Idea. the mets reported Young wasnt warmed up properly before the game. or maybe it was because Ethier was 12 for 29 .414 against Young. * shrugs shoulders*

the first inning played out typically predictable, with the Dodgers loading the bases and getting nada. miles leads off and flies out. Loney flares a bloop single. Mr. Hit Streak draws a walk. Kemp is hit by a pitch to load the bases. Gibbons strikes out, and Uribe flies out.

the same thing happens again in the second inning. Fatty Navarro is hit by a pitch, Carroll then doubles down the line, putting Navarro at third and himself at second. Garland however weakly grounds out, Miles pops out, then "groundball Loney does what he does, and weakly grounds out to short.

the mets score in the second, a Davis walk, and a Pridie double put runners at second and third. Garland minimizes the damage as best he can, Davis scores on a sac fly by Thole. Gee grounds out, but reyes singles home pridie, 2-0 Mets. however Navarro catches Reyes napping at first and picks him off with a snap throw to Loney.

the Dodgers would get on the board when Navarro homers to the right field corner. this was Navarro's first homer as a dodger since 2006. 2-1.

in the 6th inning the Dodgers tie the game. Carroll leads off again with a hit. Garland sacrifices him to second. then the normally useless Miles, miraculously singles up the middle, scoring Carroll. 2-2.
this brings out Collins with a hook for young Dillon Gee. he lasts 5.1 innings, allowing 2 runs off 7 hits with 3 walks and 3 Ks.

enter into game lefty Oconner. he strikes out loney, (no shock there).  then with ethier up, ethier 0 for 2 with a walk at this point, grounds out to second, ending the inning.

move along to the top of the 7th. Igorashi relplaces Oconner on the mound for the mets. Kemp reaches on a fielding error by second baseman Murphy. Bison swipes second putting himself into scoring position. Gibbons who has been just awful since returning, pops out, and leaving things up to navarro. Navarro works a walk, bringing up Carroll. he walks as well. bases loaded. Sands is the batter, pinch hitting for Garland. he shows everyone his best statue impression, being called out on strikes.

in the bottom of the 7th, Macdougal replaces garland. Garland goes 6 allowing 2 runs off 7 hits with 3 walks and strikeouts. not dominating, but still a quality start.
Dougie allows a single to reyes and then a sacrifice. David Wright hits a grounder to short, in FRONT of reyes. reyes commits a hilarious TOOTBLAN. being caught in bewteen second and third, as uribe catches him, and the Dodgers tag him out. Dougie finishes the inning by getting Davis to pop out.

in the 8th Ethier has what loked to be his final chance to extend his hit streak. with 1 out, Loney singles, (a 3 for 3 Loney day!). ethier then strikes out against Byrdak. Kemp follows with a long fly out.

with the game still tied at 2-2. Dougie is removed after giving up a walk. Kuo is brought in to pitch now. he ritires one batter. with 1out, Pridie tries to sacrifice,and Kuo trys to I dont know throw the ball into the stands, luckily, Miles is there to make a very heads up play backing up at first. Donnie quickly brings the hook, bringing in Guerrier. Guerrier predictable blows the game, a walk to pinch hitter Paulino to load the bases, and then another pinch hitter Turner hits a long fly ball to deep center that Kemp tried his best to snag but couldnt, the ball bounced off his glove, scoring two runs. reyes follows by lineing into a doulbe play.
we all knew the game was instantly over once Matty Guerrier was brought in to pitch.

Krod shuts the door in the 9th, another predictable loss. lame-o

I have nothing more to say other than the Dodgers suck. they truly suck balls. tomorrow another loss even though kershaw is on the mound. wont matter they suck. when you cant beat the Mets? hang your heads in shame.

also note, congratulations too Andre Ethier, on the longest hit streak ive ever seen in my lifetime from a Dodger. way to go Dre! and go blue!

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