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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dodgers 9th inning rally comes up short in loss on july 31

Dbacks  6  10 1
Dodgers 3 12 1
LP-De La Rosa-4-5

well we had made it to the july 31st trade deadline today seemingly without doing anything stupid. wen knew that Kuroda was staying...yay!...and furcal was gone....sad :(, but we recieved a decent OF prospect from the cardinals....maybe...yay?
the Dodgers shocked everyone by trading rookie OF prospect Trayvon Robinson. this happened just minutes before the trade deadline of 1PM. this was a three team trade between the Dodgers red sox, and Seattle. trayvon goes to Seattle, Erik Bedard and some other guy go to Boston, while the Dodgers get three minor leaguers. a Catcher and two pitchers.

well get to the trade madness in a minute, and ill give my brief analasys. but lets first talk about today's game.

Rubby De La Rosa was awful, and the Dodgers couldnt hit in sync. De La Rosa only lasted 4 innings, allowing 3 runs, and walking 4., as the Dodgers late rally falls short as they lose 6-3.

Damm this bastard. Saunders gets the win

in the first inning, Bloomquist singles, but is thrown out trying to steal second, thanks to an awsome acrobatic tag by Gordon. he lunges applies the tag and does this little flip roll. that was important because Johnson doubles, but Upton grounds out to the box, and Montero strikes out.

Gordon is pretty exciting to watch

Ethier and Kemp single with two outs in the first inning, off of Joe Saunders, but Rivera pops out ending the frame.

Arizona hits two homeruns in the second, during a wierd inning.
theres a groundout, then the Trayvon Robinson trade is announced, there is mass confusion and anger over the trade. meanwhile Rubby forgets how to pitch. Roberts and Parra hit back to back homeruns. putting the dbacks up 2-0.

Roberts does what the dbacks do well, and the dodgers dont, hit homeruns.

move to the bottom of the second, Arizona still up 2-0. with two outs, Miles reaches on a throwing error, Ethier singles. (Ethier had four hits on the day). but Kemp flies out.

Arizona picks up another run in the fourth, as De La Rosa barly makes it through the inning.
Roberts walks, but a missed double play costs the Dodgers. Parra's double play ball is unable to be converted into two, with Parra being safe at first. then theres a wild pitch sending Parra all the way to third. ughhh. he scores on Cowgill's single. its 3-0. however De La Rosa does strike out Bloomquist and Saunders to get out of the inning.

the Dodgers score a run in the bottom of the fourth. with 1 out, Navarro homers to left field, as the ball bounces off of the foul pole. 3-1 Arizona.

Navarro's fourth homer of the year.

Lindblom relieves De La Rosa in the top of the 5th, and gives up a run.
Johnson doubles, goes to third on upton's fly ball, Montero is intentionally walked, and Nady's sac fly scores Johnson. 4-1.

the Dodgers go down 123 in the bottom of the 5th, and Hawskworth pitches a 123 top of the 6th.

in the bottom of the 6th, the Dodgers hit out of sync again. Ethier singles, Kemp flies out, Rivera singles Dre to second, but Navarro grounds into an inning ending double play. darnit.

ethier collects his fourth hit of the day

Hawk pitches another 123 inning in the top of the 7th. in the bottom of the 7th, carroll singles, but is erased on gordon's double play grounder.

Kuo is in to pitch the 8th and gives up runs again. its really sad to see a true blue DBF favorite in decline. with 1 out, Roberts singles, and Parra homers. thats parra's second homer of the day. Cowgill walks, Saunders singles past the drawn in infield. theres a wild pitch, but Kuo does strike out Bloomquist and Johnson. but its 6-1 now.

the Dodgers eek out a run in the 8th off of David Hernandez, and Ryan Cook. Cook started the inning, and allows a two out single to dre. Kemp gets a bloop single to left. Dre goes to third. Rivera's groundball single to right scores Dre, its 6-2. hernandez is brought in and strikes out fatty navarro.

Dougie pitches the top of the 9th, allowing a single to upton, and commiting a throwing error. but he retires Montero, Nady, and Roberts on groundouts.

the Dodgers failed rally in the bottom of the 9th, comes up short. with Hernandez still pitching, Carroll walks, Gordon singles Carroll to second, Loney bats for Dougie, moves Carroll to third with a fly ball. Kirk Gibson brings in J.J. Putz to pitch to Gywnn, TG singles to left, scoring Carroll its 6-3 now.
however Miles flies out, and Ethier looking for his third career 5 hit game, representing the tying run and with Kemp on deck, flies out. the Dodgers finish the homestand 5-4.

as far as this trade of Robinson goes, I think its stupid. we never got to see Trayvon Robinson, although we did see him briefly in spring training. the Mariners came out pretty good in this deal, the red sox got some pitching, but the Dodgers came out with three B grade level prospects for trading away there last good hitting prospect.
MSTI called this a trade for organizational depth. other descriptions of this trade online I noticed called it "quantity over quality" or "restocking the farm system". I think this trade was quite foolish, as now we have no one to take over in left field. I guess well have to live with Tony Gywnn for the rest of the year, although he has been playing well.

if there is any positive to take out of this trade was that, the catching prospect we picked up from boston, Tim Federowicz is apparently a good defensive catcher who throws out runners at a 34 percent clip, which is good, and has a decent .275 type of bat. although reports rate him as basically a major league backup and no better. still he was assigned to the isotopes, and hes probably still better than Big Rod and Fatty anyways. he was the ket to this for the Dodgers who were very desperate for a catching prospect.
the two pitchers snet to us were Juan Rodriguez and Steven Fife. my first search on Steven Fife didnt even pull up any results. apparently hes from AA and Rodriguez from A ball. Rodriguez is a reliever and I think Fife is a starter. theyve both put up decent numbers, Rodriguez's 13.4 K per 9 rate caught my eye initially. however there both low rated and believed to be slotted as middle relievers at best.

one more aspect of this trade probably being overlooked during all of this. perhaps the team thats most affected will be the Albuquerque Isotopes, and there playoff hopes which are now slowly fading...per Christopher Jackson of the Albuquerue examiner, this trade seriously weakens the topes lineup, with Trayvon gone, and Gordon now with the big club. although Sands is still there.
according to Jackson, who comments over at MSTI, this will allow a more experienced Round Rock team to most likly bounce the poor Topes from the playoff race.

geez, how depressing.

well this day sucked all around, tomorrow is another day though. Clayton Kershaw will take the mound for the Dodgers tomorrow in San Diego, and try to get them back on the right track. tomorrow's game is a 710 start on Prime Ticket. join us for tomorrow's game. good day Dodger fans. go blue!

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