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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dan Hudson 4 Dodgers 1

Dodgers  1  5  0
Dbacks   4  6  0

the Dodgers lost to the Dbacks again. Dan Hudson single handedly beats the Dodgers with his arm and his bat. Hudson pitches 9 innings, allowing only 1 run off 5 hits, doesnt walk anyone, and beats the Dodgers 4-1. he also was 2 for 3 with a solo homerun, and two run single, with 3 RBI.

heres Hudson going where many have gone before, a complete game win over the Dodgers

it was the same crap for the Dodgers they cant hit. Lilly pitched decent, but gave up two homeruns a s he lost his tenth game.

in the bottom of the second inning, lilly struck out the side, but in between the strikeouts, he allows a solo homerun to Ryan Roberts. 1-0 Arizona.

through the first four innings, the Dodgers opnly had one hit, which was an infield single by Gwynn.

move to the top of the 5th, with the Dodgers losing 1-0. the Dodgers threaten, but they just cant hit with runners in scoring position.
Miles singles, and Loney's Liner to center is cought by Upton. Uribe singles, putting runners at first and second.
Big Rod's weak grounder, moves the runners to second and third. however that brings up Lilly's spot, Donnie does nothing, and Lilly grounds out. the Dodgers get nothing as usual. im really getting sick of this crap.

in the bottom of the 6th, the pitcher Hudson, who is a very good hitting pitcher, hits a solo homerun to left field off of Lily, giving the Dbacks a 2-0 lead.

Hudson rounds third, as he scores after hitting his first homerun this year

in the 7th, the Dodgers finally score their one run. Bison singles, Miles lines out to right. Loney singles, over Drew's glove, putting runners at first and third. Uribe pathetically fouls out. he is useless, get rid of him now! GET THAT LOSER BUM OFF THE TEAM NOW

the Dodgers catch a break, when Hudson throws a wild pitch, Bison scores, and its 2-1. Big Rod who was at bat during the wild pitch, weakly grounds out to end the frame.

Lilly survives all the way until the 7th ining. Young singles. Drew sacrifices him to third. Roberts is intentionally walked. Montero's ground out moves the runners to second and third.  with two outs, we see Don Mattingly's complete and utter incompetence. he decides to intentionally walk Xavier Nady, to pitch to Dan Hudson with the bases loaded. Nady was hitting .258, while Hudson is a .300 hitting pitcher, who just homered a couple of innings ago. was Donnie paying attention?
after Nady is walked, Donnie hooks Lilly, and brings in Hawksworth. Lilly struck out 9, but hes getting his 10th loss. Hudson predictably scores two on a groundball single to left. 4-1 Arizona. Nady is thrown out between second and third, after the two runs score, this ends the inning.

that hit was the dagger in the coffin for the Dodgers so to speak. they do down 123 in the 8th , off of Hudson.
Jansen pitches a scoreless bottom of the 8th, striking out the side.
Hudson finishes the game, retiring Ethier, Kemp, and Miles in order in the top of the 9th. thats it, game over.
another series lost, in another lost season. whatever. join us tomorrow as the Dodgers take on the giants in San Francisco. Chad Billingsley will take the mound for the Dodgers at 715 on PT. Go Blue!

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