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Saturday, July 23, 2011

punchless Dodgers take on Nationals in game 2

Dodgers lineup

Tom Gorzelany-2-6 vs. Ted "father time" Lilly-6-10

I wont even get into last night's awful fest. lets just say that Matt Guerrier sucks and move on. with the Trade rumors swirling, the Dodgers take on the Nationals for game two. the Dodgers are 13.5 games behind first place San Francisco, and are in last place. with the team sucking as bad as it is, the Dodgers are looking to get some prospects for next year, by possibly trading either Kuroda, Carroll, or Furcal, and a couple of other players are being shopped as well.

it is possible we might be able to get some decent prospects for Kuorda, and then resign him in the offseason, however I do believe that some Dodgers should be Dodgers forever, and Kuroda is one of those. it would be too painful to see Kuroda pitching for a different team. I just hope they dont do anything stupid. Im hoping they just keep Kuroda for the rest of the year, I would rather watch the Dodgers go 73-89 with Kuroda, then watch the team finish 65-97 without him., and believe me, if they have to patch the rotation with Ely, or Dana Eveland taking Kuroda's place, they WILL finish 65-97.

on to tonight's pitching matchups. former Cub Tom Gorzelany ( yeah we remember him) will take the mound for Washington. Gorzelany has put up similar numbers for Washington. he had to leave his last start early after injuring himself on a collision at home plate. he allowed four runs and seven hits, in his start before that. gorzelany is 2-6, and is 2-1 with a 5.16 ERA against the Dodgers.

the Dodgers will counter with Ted Lilly. the lefty is 6-10, and masterful at giving up homeruns. lets be real here, with Lilly on the mound, and the offense struggling to score runs, there is no way were winning tonight, but hey you never know right? Lilly has pitched well against Washington in the past though, a 4-3 record, and a 2.59 ERA with 50 strikeouts.

join us as we watch our beloved last place Dodgers take on the Nats at 710PM on PT. stay with us for the post game recap after the game. go blue!

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