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Thursday, July 7, 2011

The law of Clayton Kershaw

Mets       0  6 3
Dodgers  6 7 0

the law of Kershaw excplicitly states that........
A)when Kershaw is on the mound and.....
B)the Dodgers are scorin runs all around that gives us.....
C)a much needed night off from the losing.

the Dodgers beat the Mets 6-0, avoiding a four game sweep, and snapping a five game losing streak.
Kershaw dominated the mets tonight, pitching 8 shutout innings to pick up his 9th win of the year. Kershaw improves to 4-0 against the Mets.

the Dodgers offense finally exploded for 5 runs in the 6th inning.

Kershaw continues to be awsome winning his 9th game.

Dillon Gee loses his 3rd game

in the first inning Kershaw allows a single to Pagan. he steals second as Navarro's terrible throw almost goes into center field. but Kersh gets Beltran to fly out, and Paulino whiffs.

Kershaw gets a nice double play to get out of the second inning. after bay singled, Murphy grounds into the DP, Miles making a nice off balance throw, and Loney a nice pick at first.

the Dodgers get a gift run in the bottom of the second.  Kemp lines out, but Uribe is hit by a pitch in the arm. Loney hits a hsarp liner back to the box, that would have gone through for a hit, had Gee not deflected the ball with his hand, his throw to second is way off, and the ball goes into center field, Uribe takes third on the error. Miles scoring fly ball to left scores Uribe, although the replay shows he is out by a step. Paulino applies the tag on Uribe before his foot touched the plate, but he is ruled safe.

Uribe is ruled safe despite appearing out on the replay, catcher Pualino applies a tag

hey well take it. Collins comes out to argue, but the umps tell him to shut up. 1-0 Dodgers.

kershaw breezed along. he struck out two in the third, one in the fourth, and two in the fith inning.

the Dodgers explode for a flury of runs in the 6th. they score 5 on 3 doubles and a triple. heres how it happened.

Gywnn singles to lead off. Gywnn steals second, and takes third on Paulino's throwing error. Carroll's ground out is unable to score gwynn from third. Dre walks, and Bison doubles down the line scoring gwynn and Dre. giving the Dodgers a 3-0 lead. with those two driven in Kemp has 66 RBI. Uribe follows with a rare double down in the right field corner, Beltran slips and falls down, and Kemp scores. 4-0 Dodgers. Miles then doubles in Uribe. 5-0 Dodgers! this knocks Dillon Gee out of the game.
Gee goes 5.2 allowing 6 runs 5 earned, off 6 hits, walking 1 and striking out only two.

Acosta relieves Gee, then gives up a triple to Navarro. Navarro's triple down the right field line. Miles scores 6-0! Kershaw grounds out to end the inning.

Kersh allows a single to Murphy in the 7th, but thats it.

Acosta strikes out Dre, Kemp, and Uribe in the bottom of the 7th, despite allowing a Gwynn single, and a walk to Carroll.

with the score still 6-0 Dodgers, Kersh would run into his first trouble of the night. in the 8th, Tejada singles, Hairston flies out. Pagan singles. Turner flies out, but Kershaw has reached 100 pitches, Jansen is warming in the pen. Tejada then out of no where, steals third, barly beating Uribe to the bag , and both players almost collided. hes safe, and that was very ballsy. Beltran walks to load the bases, and were all thinking  of a meltdown possibility. Donnie goes out to the mound, and kershaw talks him into leaving him in. Kersh ends the frame by striking out Paulino on a nasty breaking ball.

Bison makes a lunging sliding catch in the eighth inning

Isringhousen pitches a 123 eigth inning for the mets. and then the  9th....oh the 9th.

it can never be easy for us can it? Jansen comes on in relief.  Kershaw goes 8 shutout innings, allowing, 5 hits, walking 2 and striking out 9, he also hit a batter.

Jansen begins the inning by striking out bay. I begin to text Stac that Jansen has been super lights out latly, and probably should close. DOH. I should have known better, ensue Jinxing of Jansen. oh yeah I jinxed him alright, that was all me.
here comes the walkapalooza! Murphy singles, then the walkapalooza, walks to willie Harris, and Ruben Tejada, load the bases. Donnie does the right move, and brings in Kuo. Kuo strikes out Duda, and retires Pagan on a ground out, the Dodgers win! and preserve Kershaw's beautiful shutout.

Kuo gets the last out

note this was not a save oppurtunity for Kuo with the Dodgers up by 6 runs.

we can breathe easy tonight with this win. Kershaw is awsome, and we all know that the Dodgers used up their allotment of runs for like the entire month. dont be suprised if there shutout tomorrow. the mets leave town on a frustrating note, to begin a crazy stretch of games against allstar pitchers, while the Dodgers begin their final series before the allstar break. the San Diego Padres come into town for a three game set. Chad Billingsly will take the mound for the Dodgers against Matt Latos for SD.

we can all put away those nooses for at least one more night. well see you tomorrow at 710.
GO BLUE!                                                                                                                      

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