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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Belt's double blows game for Dodgers

Dodgers 3  4  1
Giants    5  11  0

another depressing loss tonight for the Dodgers losing 5-3. the Dodgers have now lost four in a row, and six in a row against the Giants. they continue to sink deeper into despair.

I had to miss the first four innings because of class, but Stac provided me with updates, so I would know whats going on.
De La Rosa barly got out of the first inning unscathed. with 1 out, he allows a ground rule doublen to Fontenot, and a single to Sandoval sending Fontenot to third. but DLR strikes out Schierholtz and Ross to end the inning.

the Giants score two runs in the bottom of the second inning off a homerun, a single, and a throwing error.
Rookie Brandon Belt homers to lead off the inning. we remember seeing Belt earlier in the season homer off Bills. both of his two homruns have come against the Dodgers.
Crawford singles, and goes to second on De La Rosa's throwing error. Whiteside's ground out advances Crawford to third. Bumgardner's groundout scores him. 2-0 Giants.

the Dodgers score all their runs in the third inning, mind you the third inning was the only inning except for the 9th, where the Dodgers had any baserunners at all.
Loney leads off with a double, Big Rod is hit by a pitch. De La Rosa strikes out while trying to bunt. Gwynn then doubles, scoring Loney and Big Rod goes to third, its 2-1. Furcal knocks a two run single up the middle. Gwynn and Loney score, giving the Dodgers a 3-2 lead. they could have gotten more, but this is the 2011 Dodgers, and they suck. Rivera singles Furcal to third, but is thrown out rounding too far off first base. Kemp grounds out ending the frame.

Hit Machines two run single gives the Dodgers a short-lived lead

so as Im getting home, De La Rosa makes quick work in the fourth. so the Dodgers have a 1 run lead going to the bottom of the 5th. with the offense being useless, we know that either the Dodgers hold this 1 run lead right here and now, or they lose.

I get home just in time to see the lead blown in the 5th. lovely just lovely guys. De La Rosa is good, but hes very raw, and gets wild at times so he has to be watched. Donnie has to prevent the meltdown here before it happens, but he does nothing as usual.

Torres and Fontenot lead off with consecutive singles. Sandoval singles, scoring Torres. tie game.
now Donnie decides to get Jansen up in the pen. too late Donnie you stooge! Schierholtz grounds one back to the box, this was a taylor made double play, but De La Rosa hesitates and throws a lob over to Hit Machine at second, it only gets the force at second. I guess De La Rosa was having mental problems because of his throwing error earlier.
next batter Cody Ross grounds one right back to the box again, this time De La Rosa gets the double play to get out of it.

ok so tied up, in comes Jansen to pitch the 6th inning. he pitches a quick inning, only allowing a walk to Crawford.

the Dodgers did nothing the rest of the game offensivly. nothing. after the third, they didnt have a baserunner until the 9th inning. pathetic.

Mattinlgy should have left Jansen in for the 7th, but he decides to play the percentages and bring in Kuo all so he can turn around a couple of switch hitters. stupid just stupid. Kuo is clearly not the same pitcher he once was.
Torres doubles, Fontenot sacrifices him to third, and Sandoval is intentionally walked. Kuo strikes out Schierholtz, and with two outs, they almost got out of it. Bochy pinch runs for Sandoval, pulling his best hitter, knowing full well, the Dodgers wont do jack shit off his bullpen for two innings, and he wont need Sandoval for the rest of the game. funny how good managers win ballgames isnt it? Donnie then intentionally walks Ross, to pitch to the guy who homered earlier in the game, Brandon Belt. what a tool. belt predictably doubles just fair down the left field line scoring two runs. its 5-3 Giants

Fatso Panda, god I hate him

after Crawford walks, finally Donnie removes Kuo, and brings in Dougie, he strikes out Whiteside to end our miseries.

with this game a lock for the Giants they allow Bumgardner to pitch the 8th inning, as he picks up his 5th win. the Dodgers go down 123 in the 8th.

Dougie almost makes things even worse in the bottom of the 8th, but gets out of it. Rowand singled, and Torres is hit by a pitch, but Fontenot pops out, Burriss strikes out, and Schierholtz strikes out.

unfortunatly we had to look at blackbeards ugly face in the 9th inning. with two outs, Bison singles, a lone murmor of protest. Dre pinch hits, and ends the game by flying out.

the Dodgers have now lost 6 in a row to the giants for the first time since 1969. ugly. hopefully all this losing will bring change, and we can look forward to a new team next year. I have to belief there is some kind of hope. meaningful games in august and september will be none of our buisness.

the Dodgers will try to salvage something out of this road trip in the final game tomorrow. Kershaw will be on the mound against Tim Lincecum. the game is on at 1245PM lunch time special on PT.
we hope you will join us tomorrow Dodger fans. go blue.

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