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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kuroda Picks Up His 10th Loss On His 100th Start

Dodgers 3 6 1
Mets      5 11 1
WP- Niese (8-7)
LP- Kuroda (6-10)
S- Rodriguez (22)

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Kuroda Loses His 10th Game of the Season

We continue doing what last place teams do best. Lose. With tonight's loss, the Dodgers not only lose the series to the Mets, but they also have lost 5 games in a row and have now gone through their entire rotation without a win. Poor Hiroki made his 100th career start in MLB only to come out with a loss. Hiroki had 170 starts back in his home country of Japan before coming over to the US to play.

In the bottom of the 1st Carroll singles and reaches second on a rare Beltran error, but the Dodgers fail to score him.

The Dodgers go down in order in the 2nd as Loney and Velez both whiff.

Kuroda has a nice 1-2-3 inning in the 3rd, but the Dodgers also go down in order in the bottom half of the inning.

The Mets score in the 4th when Beltran doubles, Murphy grounds him over to 3rd, and then Duda doubles in Beltran making it 1-0. The Dodgers come back to tie it up when Carroll gets a bunt single, Ethier hits into a force, Kemp singles Ethier to 3rd, and Ethier scores on Uribe's groundout, 1-1.

Kuroda has another nice inning in the 5th sending NY down in order. Ellis and Kuroda whiff in the bottom of the 5th and the Dodgers go down in order pathetically.

The 6th inning gets things going when annoying Beltran doubles once again. Murphy flies out to Velez who sails a throw way over Uribe's head for an error. Beltran goes to 3rd. Why is Velez here instead of Sands? Beltran then scores on a wild pitch, 2-1. This is wild pitch #11 for Kuroda which is mostly due to the subpar catching. Duda gets a broken bat single. Thole singles. Honeycutt visit. Tejada promptly doubles in Duda and Thole making it 4-1. Niese grounds out to finally end the torture. In the bottom of the 6th the Dodgers come back to score a couple, but alas it's too little too late. Hit Machine walks, Carroll singles him over to 3rd, Dre singles in Hit Machine, 4-2. Kemp hits into a force play. Uribe's sac fly scores Carroll, 4-3. Kemp steals second (#25). Loney grounds out.

Beltran Doubles in 2 Runs

Kuroda goes 6 innings, allowing 8 hits, 4 runs, 1 walk, 2 strikeouts on 93 pitches.

In the 7th Elbert comes into pitch and allows a single to Pagan but that is all thankfully. The Dodgers go down pathetically in order in the 7th.

Niese goes 7 innings, allowing 5 hits, 3 runs, 1 walk, 6 strikeouts on 97 pitches.

Dougie comes into pitch the 8th and strikes out Bay who goes 0 for 4 after hitting 2 homers last night. Dougie sends them down in order. Parnell comes into pitch for NY and strikes out both Hit Machine and Dre and the Dodgers go down in order as well.

In the 9th, Guerra comes in and allows a double to Harris right away. Kemp makes a nice diving catch to  rob Pagan of a line drive hit. Turner then singles in Harris and its 5-3. In the bottom of the 9th Rodriguez comes in to close it out for the Mets and he does of course as he strikes out Bison to start the inning. Uribe gets a lucky hack single, but then Loney hits into a signature grounder, and new bum Velez hits a little roller to end the game.

Tomorrow Kershaw goes to the mound in game 4 at 7:10pm. Let's see how much we can really lose before major changes are made. We cannot continue this downward spiral and sit back and not do anything. When someone is not getting their job done, you fire them, correct?

Go Blue:)

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