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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hit Machine walks off Dodgers to win

Nationals 6   9  1
Dodgers   7  14 0

there was good news, and bad news tonight from Dodger stadium. the good news was that Ted Lilly made it through an entire start pitching 5 innings without allowing a homerun. the bad news?
he is Ted Lilly. he allows 6 runs, but oddly drives in three of the Dodger runs, on a sacrifice, and a two run single.
the Dodgers would come from behind and win in the 9th inning, in walk-off fashion.

Gorzelany was equally as terrible and didnt last long, allowing 5 runs through, 3.2 innings of work

the Dodgers scored 5 runs tonight, two on sac flys, and the rest were all driven in by Lilly.

the Nationals would score three runs in the first inning right away off Lilly. with 1 out,  Espinoza and Zimmerman both single, and Morse doubles in Espinoza. Werthless doubles to center over Kemp's head, driving in Zimmerman and Morse making it 3-0 Washington.
after Ramos grounds out, Werthless steals third off of Lilly, but Ankiel strikes out ending the inning.

the Dodgers get a run in the first inning off of Gorzelany, but could have scored more.
Furcal leads off with a single, Miles follows with a groundball that should have been a double play, but is bumbled by Desmond, eventually ruled a fielder's choice. Ethier singles to left, which loads the bases for Kemp. Kemp's sac fly scores Furcal. 3-1 Nats. Rivera grounds into a double play to end the inning.

Lilly gets angry at his suckitude, and strikes out the side in the second inning.

the Dodgers get another run in the bottom of the second. Loney leads off with a bloop single, and takes second on a wild pitch. loser uribe strikes out. Navarro's bloop single to center sends Loney to third base. Lilly now batting lays down a sacrifice to move Navarro to third, washington gets the out at first, but Loney keeps going and trys to score. very risky and foolish play by Loney. he would have been out, but as Washington Catcher Ramos is applying the tag, he loses control of the ball and juggles it. with the ball in the air, Loney's foot touches home plate, and the run counts. 3-2.
Furcal is hit by a pitch, but Miles strikes out.

Loney scores as Ramos juggles the ball

in the top of the third, the batting practice continues.  Zimmerman singles, and steals second. the league is running wild off of Lilly and his ridiculous high leg kick. Morse flys out, and werthless is intentionally walked. Ramos flies out to kemp and theres two outs. but as well all know from watching this team all year long, two outs is when the dynamite goes boom. and it does. Rick Ankiel doubles into right field over Ethier's head, scoring Zimmerman and Werthless. 5-2 Desmond's infield single eludes Hit Machine, Ankiel comes all the way around to score and its 6-2 nationals now. ughhh.

the Dodgers get two more in the bottom of the third, thanks to more defensive lapses by Washington.

with 1 out, Kemp doubles, and Rivera singles him to third. Loney's sac fly scores Kemp. 6-3.
Uribe gets a lucky seen eye single, and Navarro is intentionally walked, this loads the bases. with Lilly's spot due up, and him being awful, we all expect Donnie to hit for him. but he doesnt. so Lilly bats with the bases loaded and the Dodgers down by a run. were all flabbergasted, and Im ready to bitch slap Mattingly somehow. I know its early in the game, but Lilly sucks, and this is a good oppurtunity to score runs, and we all know how the Dodgers have been struggling to score runs.

Lilly drives in two with a single

we would all eat our words, as Lilly knocks a base hit to left, just past the diving Desmond's outstrecthed glove. two runs score, and its now 6-5. holy mediocre aging back end 5th starter batman!
you know this pitching thing isnt really working out for Lilly, but we do have a need at third base! lol

while were all picking our jaws off the floor, Furcal grounds out ending the frame.

both teams go down 123 in the 4th innings.
Ross Detwiler would relive Gorzelany. he was so bad he didnt last past the fourth inning.

move to the bottom of the 5th. Rivera reaches on a Desmond throwing error. Loney sacrifices him to second, but hes left stranded there.

Hawksworth relives Lilly in the 6th, allows a single to Detwiler, and thats it.

with two outs in the bottom of the 6th inning, Ethier and Kemp both single. Henry Rodriguez comes in for relief, and walks Rivera, but Loney grounds out to end the threat.

Hawksworth pitches a scoreless 7th inning, striking out two.

the Dodgers tie the game in the bottom of the 7th.  with 1 out, Navarro walks, and Velez pinch runs for him. Velez steals second and advances to third on Carroll's groundout. with the count 3-0 to Furcal, ball four is a wild pitch, Velez scores tying the game at 6-6 :)

with the game tied, Dougie pitches a scoreless top of the 8th.
Matheus pitching the 8th in relief of Burnet, allows a single to Rivera and thats all.

Guerra pitches a scoreless 9th, and we go to the bottom of the 9th, tied, but remember, the Dodgers are a perfect 5-0 in extra inning games this year for some reason.

well no extra innings were needed tonight. the Dodgers would win in walkoff style in the bottom of the 9th. heres how it happened.
with Matheus still pitching, Big Rod leading off singles. but the Dodgers have already used all their position players, and Navarro is already out of the game, so they cant run for him. oeltjen who came into the game earlier as a pinch hitterm trys to sacrifice Big Rod to second, but hes just too damm slow. Oeltjen puts down a bun right in front of the plate, and Big Rod is forced at second.
Carroll a bloop single to center sends oeltjen to second. Furcal (Hit Machine) drives in the winning run with his first walk off hit since 2000. Hit Machine's long drive to left goes over the head of Nix, and goes to the wall. Oeltjen scores the winning run, and the Dodgers have a rare come from behind win during a Lilly start.

Kemp and Hit Machine celebrate after Hit Machine's walk off hit

late great dodgers legend Don Drysdale was honered before and during the game. his two sons threw out the first pitch, and big D's number 53 was stenciled on the mound all night.

the Dodgers will play the rubber game tomorrow afternoon as Chad Billingsley takes the mound for the Dodgers against Jason Marquis. be with us tomorrow at 110PM as the Dodgers go for a series win.
good game tonight! GO BLUE!

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