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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hit Machine returns......Again...interleague play ends

Dodgers Lineup

Chad Billingsley-7-6 vs. Ervin Santana-3-8

with the Dodgers now mired in last place, two Dodgers were named to the NL all-star team today.
Kemp and Kershaw were both named. while its a great honor for both players, it seems rather empty, with all thats going on. Kemp at the last minute overtook Matt Holiday for third place among NL outfielders, and will be starting. Kershaw was named later, as the pitchers and reserves are picked by the players, coaches, and managers. for Kemp and Kershaw both are making their first all-star appearances. congratulations to both Matt Kemp, and Clayton Kershaw for having terrific seasons.

Andre Ethier was fith in nl outfield voting, but was not picked. however he has been nominated for the last chance spot, voted on by the fans.
vote for Ethier here-

Matt Kemp our bison, leads the league in home runs, and is threatening for the triple crown

Clayton Kershaw was selected to his first all-star game, Kersh leads the league in Ks

tonight's pitching matchup, in the final interleague game of the season, has Chad Billingsley taking the mound for the Dodgers, going up against Angels starter Ervin Santana. Bills is looking for his 8th win of the year, while Santana is 3-8 against the league, he has allowed 17 homeruns in his 17 starts, which is very Lillyesque.

as you can see above, Rafael Furcal makes his return to the starting lineup again this season for the Dodgers. Hit Machine has been sidelined for weeks now with an oblique tear. Dee Gordon will stay on the roster, as Casey Blake will go back on the DL with his arthritic neck, and extreme rustyness.

im beginning to have a much higher opinion of Mattingly now. I know ive been rather hard on him, but as you can see, its another bum free day for the Dodgers. perhaps Donnie is finally realizing that Uribe, Thames, and Navarro suck balls, and should be benched. Uribe hasnt played in like four games! :) finally Donnie is realizing that Uribe is a bum and must be benched. Kudos Donnie keep it up, he wont improve, keep him on the bench. he sucks.

tonight's game is at 505pm on ESPN sunday night baseball. after the game, the Dodgers will return home, for a seven game homestand versus the Mets, and San Diego leading up to the all-star break.
go blue!

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