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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bloopers, Gordon Fuck ups, and a homerun doom Kershaw and Dodgers to defeat

Dodgers 1   5 2
Angels   7 10 0

Bloop singles, Gordon's fuck ups, and a Homerun doomed Kershaw and the Dodgers to defeat tonight  by a score of 7-1.
sorry guys this is going to have to be short, because Ive gotta jet.
this was supposed to be a rematch of that great game last week at dodger stadium between Kershaw and Weaver, but it turned out to be another typical lousy game for the last place Dodgers.
with all these errors and fuck ups tonight, Dee Gordon basically punched his ticket back to Albuquerque, as Furcal is due back tomorrow.

it was scoreless until the bottom of the third. Kersh and the Dodgers would fall victim to some bad luck, crappy defense by Gordon, and a bad pitch to Wells.

Mathis leads off with a lucky bloop double to left. the throw back to second was wide, and Miles couldnt get the tag.
Mathis goes to third on Izturis groundout. annoying aybar hits a routine grounder to short, but Mathis was running on contact, Gordon's throw to home was awful and over Navarro's head for an error. (he had been picked off first base the inning before) Mathis scores, and Aybar goes to second. remember what our strategy was? a Kersh shutout. if even one run scores, were finished. well there it was. Abreu strikes out, but on a 2-0 pitch to Vernon wells, he hits it out to left field for a two run homerun, and its 3-0 Angels.
Kersh gets out of the inning by getting Trumbo to ground into a force out.

the Dodgers had a chance to score in the fourth, when Blake walks, and Ethier singles, but Kemp grounds into a double play.

things would get even worse in the bottom half of the fourth. Callaspo walks, and Bourjos reaches on an infield hit, a bunt single that Kersh fields and throws to first, but Miles couldnt keep his foot on the bag. Mathis pops up a bunt, Kershaw comes off the mound to make a great catch, but his throw back to second was wide, and Gordon couldnt get the tag on Callaspo. otherwise, he should have been doubled up off second.
Aybar a bloop single, scores Callaspo, Bourjos to third. Aybar steals second. they both score on another bloop single from Abreu. 6-0 Angels. Wells pop out ends the nightmare frame.

the Dodgers do score a run in the top of the 5th. Loney doubles to lead off, advances to third on miles groundball, and scores on Oeltjen's sac fly. 6-1.

with the score 7-1, the Dodgers wasted another scoring oppurtunity in the 6th. Kemp walks, Miles doubles down the line, continuing his hot hitting. but Oeltjen strikes out.
Kersh struck out 10 Angels, but allows 7 runs, although notall were earned, Gordon made two errors.

also note Auto out threw out the cerremonial first pitch tonight, no suprise we lose when hes on the field.

Kersh looked a bit tired, remember he had pitched back to back complete games, so they better be careful with him, and keep his pitches down. hes already pitched alot of innings this year.
Chad Billinglsey will go to the mound tomorrow for the Dodgers at 505PM on nationally televised ESPN sunday night baseball. have a great holliday weekend everyone! go blue

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