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Friday, July 29, 2011


D-Backs @ Dodgers
Game 1

The Dodgers will finish off the month with a three game series against Arizona before heading down to San Diego. The trade deadline is looming, and we have yet to see any action. Rumor is Kuroda wants to stay with the Dodgers, and I have been supporting his loyalty to the team amidst the constant banter of trade talk. We may see some moves just yet, so we will keep you updated. I remember last season when Scott texted me that they had traded was somewhat shocking news, but these trades are something we have no control over as fans or bloggers.

Speaking of trade acquisitions, Ted Lilly (6-10, 5.08) will go to the mound tonight for the Dodgers. Lilly hasn't made it deep into a game since May, and his last outing on Saturday allowed 6 runs in 5 innings against the Nats. Get this...Lilly has allowed 31 runs in his last 7 starts. Yes, that's right, 31 runs. Josh Collmenter (6-5, 2.74) has been doing well lately and has won three games in a row. He's only allowed 3 runs since the All-Star Break.

Kenley Jansen, who was hospitalized due to an irregular heartbeat, was released on Thursday. They shocked his heart with electrodes to get his rhythm back on track. He will be at Dodger Stadium tonight where they will reevaluate him.

Today is also Chad Billingsley's 27th birthday. Happy Bday Bills! He goes to the mound Saturday night.

cupcake wars dodgers cupcakes
Winning Cupcake Display on Cupcake Wars
On a fun side note, I caught a Dodgers themed episode of Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. Two of my favorite things...cupcakes and the Dodgers! Lee Lacy was a guest judge. In the first round contestants had to make a cupcake with concession food like Dodger Dogs, beer, cotton candy & peanuts. The winner got to present their cupcakes at a VIP party at Dodger Stadium. If you missed the episode it's being replayed on July 31st at 5PM and August 2nd at 7PM.


Furcal 6
Miles 5
Ethier 9
Kemp 8
Rivera 7
Loney 3
Navarro 2
Velez 4
Lilly 1

Velez is starting at 2nd tonight which makes me go hmmm...since Jamey Carroll is not playing. Well with Navarro, Velez, and Lilly as the 7-8-9 batters we won't be scoring many runs, so let's hope the top of the order can get something done.

Go Blue:)

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