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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bills walkapalooza and Upton double give dodgers a loss

Dbacks    6 11 0
Dodgers  4 8 0

on the eve of the trade deadline, we saw many players being traded and switching uniforms, but for the Dodgers they should really put their manager up for trade since thats where there really lacking.
Mattingly failed to pull the right strings in a crucial 6th inning, where Bills walked the world, Guerrier allowed a three run double to Upton, and the dbacks scored five runs to win 6-4.

I was hoping the boys in blue would get a win for little Aliana. sorry Aliana, well have to wait until tomorrow.

in the first inning, Bills was rather shaky, but was able to get out of it. with 1 out, Johnson and Upton single, but Montero flied out, and young popped out.

the Dodgers go down 123 in the bottom of the first inning.
Arizona scores a run in the second, but Bills does some kind of crazy high wire act, and wiggles out of the inning, only allowing 1 run, even though the bases were loaded with 1 out, also with help from an absolutly spectacular catch by Ethier to save several runs from scoring.

theres a walk to Allen, Roberts and Para both single,  with the bases loaded, the Pitcher Owings, strikes out. Bloomquists sac fly scores Allen, 1-0 Arizona. Johnson hits a long fly ball to deep right, which is run down and caught by Ethier. he makes a great diving lfying catch to keep several runs from scoring.

in the bottom of the second, Kemp singles and steals second, his 28th steal of the year. but hes stranded at third. Miles grounds out, Big Rod walks, but Carroll grounds out.

Arizona goes down 123 in the third, and the Dodgers take the lead in the bottom of the third, thanks to you know who....yep Kemp!
with 1 out, Gwynn triples into the gap. Blake's sac fly scores him and its a tie game.
Ethier singles, and then Bison blasts another home run to center field. its his 26th homerun, giving him 82 RBI, to lead the league. 3-1 Dodgers!

Kemp hit another homerun tonight giving him 26 and 82 RBI

in the top of the 4th, Bills wiggles out of trouble again. Allen singles.Roberts flies out, Parra strikes out, Owings singles, but Bloomquist grounds out back to the box.

the Dodgers pick up an insurance run in the bottom half. Miles leads off with a double, Big Rod grounds out, moving Miles to third, and Carroll's single with the infield p, scores Miles its 4-1 Dodgers!
bills has a 123 inning in the top of the 5th, and the dodgers go down in order in their hafl of the 5th.

the top of the 6th is where everything came unraveled for Bills and the Dodgers. the Dodgers were hoping to make Kemp's homerun stand up, but Mattingly couldnt pull the right strings.
Young singles and steals second. then the walkapalooza begins. Allen walks. Parra walks. the bases are loaded nobody out. Mattingly just sits their in the dugout, convinced to let Bills either win it or lose it right there. Roberts walks, forcing in a run, its 4-2 and Bills is all out of whack. take him out Donnie! nope. Nady batting for Owings, hits a sac fly, scoring Young, 4-3. Bloomquist strikes out, and theres two outs, but runners at second and third. Bills walks Johnson. its his fifth walk of the inning. the bases are loaded again. now Mattingly takes out bills, but he brings in his worst reliever to pitch to one of the hottest hitters in baseball. Matt Guerrier pitches to Justin Upton with the bases loaded. yeah this doesnt end well. I mean if your just going to bring in our worst reliever, you might as well have just left Bills in.
of coarse Upton predictably doubles into the gap, clearing the bases. the dbacks take a 6-4 lead on the three run double by Upton. at this point we knew the game was lost. this was definatly a turning point during the game, and Mattingly blew it.

Monetero is intentionally walked, but Young pops out finally ending things in the 6th.

the dodgers would have an oppurtunity to score in the bottom of the 6th, but once again, Don Mattingly cant pull the right moves at the right time.
against a rookie named Cook, Rivera singles, Miles grounder moves him to second. Big Rod strikes out, but Carroll walks. with runners at first and second, and the pitchers spot up, Mattingly has Loney pinch hit. Gibson counters with elfty Joe Patterson. Loney is attrocious against lefties, and predictably grounds out.

Elbert pitches a 123 inning in the 7th, and gwynn singles and steals second in the bottom of the inning, but Blake, Ethier, and Kemp all make out against Bryan Shaw.

Elbert still pitching in the 8th allows consecutive singles to Cowgill, and Bloomquist, and a wild pitch moves them to second and thid. it lookes like more scorage. but then......Johnson strikes out, Upton is intentionally walked, but Montero grounds into an inning ending double play.

David Hernandez pitches a 123 8th inning, and Josh Lindblom pitches a scoreless top of the 9th.

to the bottom of the 9th we go. Arizona closer J.J. Putz comes in to close shop. Carroll and Velez both fly out, Gwynn walks, but Blake flies out to end the game.

Bloomquist and kelly Jonhson high five after the dbacks beat the Dodgers 6-4

after the game we did find out that Furcal is being traded to the cardinals, for a minor league outfielder and some cash. the Dodgers have not made an official announcment yet as furcal has 24 hours to approve or decline the trade, although reports are saying he has already accepted the trade. well have more information tomorrow when we hear more.

tough loss tonight. Mattingly really blew it tonight big time. but the Dodgers still can win the series tomorrow, and at least theyve shown some life and are starting to play better. tomorrow Rubby De La Rosa will draw Joe Saunders in a 110 afternoon game on Prime Ticket. join us tomorrow, and happy birthday to Aliana Wheeler. her and mom are doing fine. go blue!

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