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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Only Kershaw can save us

Dodgers lineup

Dillon Gee-8-2 vs. Clayton Kershaw-8-4

I write this pre game with a sad heart. each loss only makes me more depressed. last night I wasnt able to watch the game, but recieved updates from Stac, and gameday, while I was in class.

I did catch the last couple of innings, and I wasnt angry. I have no more anger left in me, only sadness. each loss is a dagger into my heart. each loss drives the Dodgers deeper into last place with no hope in sight.
since im a regular commenter on MSTI, I was parusing through the comments as I usually do, and I came accross one that made alot of sense. one commenter was asking about player accountability. when do we start holding these players accountable? tomorrow? next week? july 31? I dont know, but something needs to be done quickly. in most jobs, if you fail to preform your job up to expected skill levels, then normally you will be fired, or let go. players like Uribe, Thames, Navarro, Blake, etc etc, are not doing their jobs. so I ask the question, when will the Dodgers start to hold these guys accountable for their failures?

whats really sad is the fact that the Dodgers lose in the same fashion every single game. Don Mattingly stands there in the dugout every night and does nothing to prevent it. you see this is where having a good manager really helps teams squeeze out a few extra wins per year.
let me explain for a minute. the Dodgers have good starting pitching. not great but good. kershaw is our ace, and is awsome, and Kuroda, Bills, and De La Rosa are good but not great pitchers, who at times are able to pitch brilliantly. however Kuroda, Bills, and DLR are known to tire out around the 6th or 7th innings. normally when they reach between 85-100 pitches. when they are tired they make mistakes. (who doesnt when there tired right?) the bullpen has been much improved latly. with Broxton out, and bums like Cormier and Troncsucko not on the team anymore, we have definatly seen an improvement. Jansen has been lights out latly, holding the last 25 batters hes faced to a 1 for 24 line, or something like that. other guys like Hawksworth, Guerra, Kuo, and Elbert have been generally effective. no there not the giants or phillies bullpen, but theyve been effective the last month or so.

so as the script goes, the starter will tire out by the 6th or 7th innings. normally its a close low scoring game, its either tied, or the Dodgers are up by a run. everyone can see a bad inning coming, as its obvious that the starter is running out of gas. so what does Donnie do? does he get someone warmed up in the pen? does he even send Honeycutt out to the mound to talk to the starter? normally no. he stands there timidly and does nothing. nothing. and of coarse the starter tires and will give up maybe 2 or three runs. hell leave him in to finish the inning, and the Offense doesnt have the firepower to come from behind late in the game, dooming the Dodgers to defeat. geezus Donnie, get someone up in the Pen, thats what the Bullpen is there for. this is a prime example of why when the Dodgers are trailing after 6 innings this year, they are an unreal 3-40.

so after last night's loss, it drops the Dodgers to 37-51. theyve lost now 5 in a row, and are in danger of being swept by the Mets. they have not hit a homerun since the Miles homer last friday, which is ironically the last time they have won. they also cant hit at home. and are abysmal with RISP. I cry a little inside every night.

this brings us to tonight's pitching matchups. the Mets looking to shove the dagger in our hearts and twist a little more, will give the ball to young righty Dillon Gee. we remember this guy, hes beaten us before. he has a similar record to kershaw, and a 3.47 ERA. Kershaw is hoping to rebound after a bad start against the angels, which saw him still strike out 10 batters. Kershaw who is making his first all-star game selection, is 8-4, and leads the NL with 138 strikeouts. he is also 3-0 lifetime against the mets with a 1.85 ERA and 20 Ks. if were going to salvage this week with a win, tonight is our best chance.

*we also just learned that Victorino and Konerko won the all-star final vote. that shady fuck rat face Victorino barly beat out ethier. but we may still see Dre in the allstar game anyways, as rat face sprained his thumb pretty bad and hasnt played in a week. if he is disabled he will have to be replaced on the roster.*

what else can we do? keep watching and hoping. there is still half a season left. we still love the Dodgers, and bleed blue through and through. we will never give up. we will keep watching and keep rooting for blue. and hope that one day soon Mccourt will be run out of town and the Dodgers will return to glory. Our Dodgers will bring the world series back to dodger stadium where it belongs.
please HELP! help us Kersh. please! go blue

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