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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rubber game in the Desert

Dodgers lineup

Ted Lilly-6-9 vs. Daniel Hudson-9-5

with their winning streaked snapped last night, thanks to some more awful offense, the Dodgers set to square off with the Dbacks today, for the rubber game of this three game series. after today's game, the Dodgers will get the heck out of the desert, and fly to another unfriendly climate. they will fly to San Francisco, for a three game series, before coming back home for a 9 game homestand.

Ted Lilly will take the mound for the Dodgers today. we can expect a for sure loss today, Im predicting lots of homeruns, with a slight chance of a late homerun derby.

Lilly has been awful this year, but had a better start last time out, only allowing 1 run on 1 homerun in 5 innings last outing.
Lilly who won his last start, is 3-5 with a 4.50 ERA career against the snakes.

the Dbacks will counter with another good young pitcher, Daniel Hudson. Hudson is 9-5 on the year, with a 3.74 ERA. he is looking for his 10th win of the season, after having three straight no-decisions.
Hudson is 1-0 in his career against the Dodgers.

if the Dodgers want to have any chance of winning today, or any other day, they need to stop playing Uribe, he is just completly useless at the plate. ive been saying this for weeks, that the Dodgers need to just release him. yes hes that bad.  players get released all the time. well hes playing today again at third base, batting seventh.
Carroll is back in the lineup hitting second, and Big Rod makes his return to the lineup. Joy! cause weve been missing his awfulness havent we? no no we havent.

anyways, the Dodgers could still somehow take this series. maybe there will be a miracle in the Desert, and the Dodgers will actually win a Ted Lilly start? who knows crazier things have happened right?

todays game is on at 110PM on Prime Ticket. please join us after the game, for our Postgame recap.
Go Blue!

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