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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Battle of the Aces part 2

Dodgers lineup

Clayton Kershaw-8-3 vs. Jered Weaver-9-4

so Hiroki Kuroda finally got a win last night. I was beginning to think he might never win another game. 7 shutout innings, plus a 3 for 3 night from Tony Gwynn, and a 4 for 4 night from Aaron Miles.

the Dodgers try and keep the momentum going for game 2. tonight will feature the battle of the aces part 2. as Clayton Kershaw will once again counter Jered Weaver. Kershaw and Weaver, dueled K for K last sunday at Dodger stadium, with kershaw and the Dodgers winning that first round, 3-2.

Kershaw was named NL player of the week, and has pitched back to back complete games, and is 4-0 in his last four decisions. Kershaw leads the NL with 128 strikeouts, is 10th in ERA (2.93), and is third with 3 complete games.
of coarse Weaver is no slouch either, hes trying for his 10th win of the year, and has a remarkeable 1.97 ERA.

its no wonder that when Uribe, Navarro, and thames, are not in the lineup, the Dodgers score runs and win. Im hoping that Donnie is finally realizing he needs to stop playing thos three losers.
and what in the world has gotten into Aaron Miles? good god man! coming into last night's game, Miles was the NL leading hitter in June, with a .419 avg. yep he is 28 for his last 58! this was before last night's 4 for 4 performence. Stac thinks hes on roids? dont know, but all I know is that he is blazing hot, and needs to be playing every game now. oh man I never thought I would ever be writing this, but yeah Aaron Miles is on fire! also note Tony Gwynn is also swinging a hot bat as well.

Rafeal Furcal (hit machine) is ready to come off of the disabled list. Furcal has been disabled for over a month with a torn oblique. the Dodgers are going to activate him for sundays game. no word yet on who hes going to replace on the roster. the rumor is that Gordon will be sent back down to AAA, and hit machine will slide right back into his normal leadoff role. however the Dodgers have also discussed moving Furcal to second base, in order to keep Gordon at shortstop.

tomorrow afternoon, the all-star rosters will be announced.
tonight's game is a 605 start time on kcal. GO BLUE

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