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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Streaking Dodgers look for 6th straight win

Dodgers Lineup

Hirkoi Kuroda-6-10 vs. ian Kennedy-9-3

the streaking Dodgers enter today with a season high 5 game winning streak. the Dodgers look to keep the momentum going today, in game two of this three game series in Arizona.
the Dodgers will send Hiroki Kuroda to the mound. Kuroda is having one of his best seasons, amist swirling trade rumors. of coarse the Dodgers would be morons to trade away one of their most consistent starting pitchers in recent memory.

Kuroda who is super focused on the mound, has posted a 3.06 ERA, despite a decieving record of 6-10.
of coarse Kuroda's record does not reflect the way he has pitched. Kuroda has the lowest run-support in all of baseball. the Dodgers only average 2.53 runs per game when Hiroki is on the mound.
Kuroda though has not pitched well against Arizona, 2-4 record, and a 4.50 ERA.

Arizona will counter with Ian Kennedy. he is probably their best pitcher. this wont be easy tonight for the boys in blue. Kennedy has a 9-3 record, and a 3.44 ERA. he is right handed, and has won 6 of his last 8 decisions

while the Dodgers have been getting very good pitching latly, they are winning on the backs of their three stars. Kemp, Kershaw, and Ethier are the main reasons, they have won a season high 5 in a row.
Kershaw dominates, strikes everyone out, and picked up his 10th win last night. Kemp , and Ethier, hit homeruns, throw runners out on the base paths, and drive in the majority of the Dodger runs. Ethier last sunday hit two homeruns, Kemp yesterday, threw a runner out at the plate, hit a homerun, and drove in four runs. our three stars should be constantly prasied and never criticised.

as far as what we know about Arizona? well we do know that there a team that hits lot of fly balls, and because of that, rarly hit into double plays. they also can hit homeruns. also note that arizona generally tends to score the majority of their runs in the late innings. normally in the 7th inning or later. so the bullpens will be very important.

as far as todays lineup, newbie Juan Rivera is back in the lineup after homering in his first at bat and going 2 for 4. tonight he is playing first base for the slumping Loney. Gwynn is in left, Miles plays second base, and Fatty Navarro, who also had two hits last night, is catching again.

tonight's game is on at 510 on KCAL. we hope you will join us after the game for our postgame recap.
lets make it 6 in a row! GO BLUE!

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