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Monday, July 4, 2011

De La Rosa blows up in the 6th inning and thats that....

Mets       5  8 0
Dodgers  2 7 0
LP-De La Rosa-3-4

DLR goes 7 allowing only three runs, but loses again.

the Dodgers continue to free fall towards a last place 100 loss season. well there already in last place, so now the new goal is to finish with 100 losses, and the way there going theyll get there easily.

Rubby De La Rosa, was brezzing, he retired the first 12 batters he faced, and had a no-hitter through 5 innings. but in the 6th, he predictably blew up and allowed three runs, and that was that, as the Dodgers pathetic offense could only muster up two measily runs off 7 hits.

the Dodgers get one of their runs in the second inning. when Kemp doubles, Uribe (who shouldnt even be playing hes so awful) grounds out, advancing kemp to third. Miles strikes out, but Loney singles to center scoring Kemp. 1-0 Dodgers.

Loney singles in a run in the fourth inning

in the fourth, Kemp starts another scoring rally, this time he walks, and the useless uribe singles, putting runners at first and third. after Miles fouls out, Loney singles to center again, scoring Kemp 2-0 Dodgers.

De La Rosa had a no hitter until the 6th. I mean could there have been anything more predictable?
tejada singles to lead off. ( no not the over the hill shortstop for the giants, the other Tejada)
Capuana sacrifices Tejada to second. Angel Pagan, doubles past first base, off of Loney's glove.  scoring tejada. 2-1. after a turner ground out. beltran doubles down the right field line, scoring Pagan. Murphy follows with another double, scoring Beltran. just like that, in a blink of an eye, its 3-2 mets.

the mets would add two more meaningless runs in the 8th inning. the Dodger bullpen hadnt allowed a run in a week, so something had to give right? what gave was named Scott Elbert, and Matty Guerrier.

Pagan doubles again, and Turner is hit by a pitch. Beltran grounds into a fielder's choice, allowing Pagan to advance to third, and Turner out at second base. Murphy's fly ball is too shallow to score Pagan. then for some unknown reason Donnie pulls Elbert and brings in the alpha bum. loser boy Guerrier. loser boy allows conescutive singles to bay and Duda to score two runs, 5-2 Mets now.

that was it really, K-rod comes in and closes shop, allowing only a double to Miles, as he continues his torrid hitting of late.
brand new Dodger loser Eugenio velez strikes out to end the game.

tomorrow in game 2 homerun loser Ted Lilly goes to the mound, as the Dodgers continue their quest for the 100 loss holy grail. see you tomorrow Dodger fans. go blue.

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