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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Holiday Weekend Was Full of Duds

Mets @ Dodgers
7:10 pm
Game 2

So hopefully you were out having fun bbqing and watching fireworks, since there was no holiday excitement whatsoever this weekend for the Dodgers. They managed to lose every game this long holiday weekend. On Sunday, I couldn't even watch anymore after the Branyan homer. Yesterday, Scott told me Rubby had a no-hitter going in the 5th inning, but when I finally got to turn the game on of course they promptly gave up 3 runs. Figures. So where are we now? 12 games under .500 and 11 games back in last place. Do I long for the days of mediocre .500 ball....

So tonight won't be any different, Dodger fans. Ted Lilly (5-8, 4.97) has allowed 17 earned runs in his last 3 starts. Lilly was quoted "Some of it is location. It all goes together because you don't have the normal feel of your pitches. I do believe I can pitch through it." That doesn't give me much confidence there Ted. He hasn't thrown a bullpen session in ages due to elbow tenderness, and so the story goes... Mike Pelfrey (4-7, 4.92) has a high ERA like Lilly, and he hasn't beat the Dodgers in 3 starts against them in his career. 

It looks like Rat Face is in front of Andre Ethier in the final All-Star Voting. Please Vote for Dre Here! Also there's word that Matt Kemp has been selected to participate in the All-Star HR Derby! The HR Derby is on Monday, July 11th at 5pm on ESPN. 


Gwynn 7
Furcal 6
Miles 4
Kemp 8
Loney 3
Uribe 5
Oeltjen 9
Ellis 2
Lilly 1

Go Blue:)

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