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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rubby Tuesday in the lions den

Dodgers lineup
De La Rosa1

Rubby De La Rosa-3-4 vs. Madison Bumgarner-4-9

*the Dodgers change the lineup with a lefty on the mound. Ethier is ok, but resting. also note Rivera is very tough against lefties*

after another shutout loss last night, not much has changed with the Dodgers. with their season high five game winning streak long gone, the trade rumors are still swirling, and the Dodgers are still mired in irrelevance. 13.5 games behind the Giants in fourth place. a 42-54 record. postseason baseball is none of our business.

there are still the bright spots though, our three stars, Kemp is one of the elite players of the game, and the Dodgers only real offensive threat, Kershaw is awsome, Ethier is solid, plus a few other bright spots.

however they still cant hit for power, cant hit with runners in scoring position, and Juan Uribe is still worthless. Mccourt is still in power, there's talks of Kuroda being traded(although he has already pubicly said he does not want to pitch for another team, he only wants to pitch for the Dodgers and already decided to block any east coast team trade), attendance is down by nearly 7000 fans per game, Juan Uribe is a bum.

with all this we march on of coarse. not much else we can do. I take out my agony and frustrations by getting very intoxicated, so there's that.

the Giants made a few moves today, first they traded prospects RHPs, Henry Sosa, and Jason Stoffell to Houston for IF Jeff Keppinger. Keppinger is expected to play second base and shortstop for the giants who are desperate for more offense. they also called up rookie prospect Brandon Belt, we saw him earlier in the year. we wont see Keppinger today, but I believe Belt is in the lineup today.

the Dodgers will send Rookie Rubby De La Rosa to the mound. De La Rosa has never faced the Giants before, nor has he pitched in San Francisco. the Giants will counter with Lefty Madison Bumgarner. both pitchers have identical ERAs of 3.74, DLR is 3-4, while Bumgarner has a poor record of 4-9. hes pitched better than that though, he is 2-1 versus the Dodgers, in limited time.

playoff races are too much stress for us, much less stress to be continually awful celler dwellers. Im gonna go on a limb tonight, and say were going to score some runs and win. a rubby tuesday win? yes ive officially lost it. game time is at 715 on KCAL.  go blue!

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