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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kuroda bleeds blue before Dodgers game two, Aliana Wheeler is born

Dodgers lineup

Micah Owings-4-0 vs. Chad Billingsley-9-8

the last day before the trade deadline and things are getting interesting. it appears the Dodgers have found a deal, but its not involving Kuroda. after last night's 9-5 win over Arizona, that saw Matt Kemp drive in 5 runs, and hit a homerun, the Dodgers are 48-57 and sit in fourth place in the national league west. they are 12 games behind San Francisco, and 1.5 behind third place Colorado. with the trade deadline being the time for teams in contention to bolster their rosters for the stretch drive, and non-contenders to recoup some of their losses, dump salaries, or trade for prospects.

so far as of now, the Dodgers are not close to a deal involving Kuroda. apparently what the Dodgers are asking for is too high than what these teams are willing to give up. they are still far apart, and with Kuroda's no-trade clause, he will need to time to decide whether or not to approve or decline a trade. so basically if theres at least not the framework of a trade in place over the next few hours, it wont happen. this is good.

as far as Rafael Furcal is concerned all the signs were there that the Dodgers would deal him. Furcal who is in the last year of his contract, has had a terrible year. Hes been on the disabled list twice this year, with a broken thumb, and a torn Oblique. hes only played in about 35 games. he has recently started to heat up though going 8 for 26 on this recent homestand. however with Dee Gordon ready to come up from AAA, Furcal isnt needed anymore, and the Dodgers will not be resigning him.

Last night was Rafeal Furcal's last game with the Dodgers. we will miss you Hit Machine thank you for your efforts

earlier today it was announced that the Dodgers had struck a deal with the Cardinals to send Furcal to St. Louis. there didnt start to be serious interest for Hit Machine until the last couple of days.
the Cardinals shortstop this year has been ex Dodgers Ryan "TOOTBLAN" Theriot. the cardinals have finally had it with the complete uselesness of Theriot. they recently moved him to second base to prepare for someone new at short, since hes been so awful. the Cardinals contacted the Dodgers about Furcal and a deal was struck. we still dont know who the Dodgers are getting in return, but we do know that the Dodgers are paying the majority of his contract, but not all of it.
last night most likly was Furcal's last game in a Dodgers uniform. this is very sad. we here at DBF have always loved Raffy Furcal (Hit Machine). I remember seeing him when he first signed with the Dodgers, he was and still is an exciting player to watch, when healthy. over the last few years, there has been a core group of players that have been the soul of the Dodgers. during these Mccourt years, this core group, has lead to three playoff appearances. most of us hardcore fans will agree that most of the core, but not all of them, should be Dodgers forever. (including Kuroda) unless youve grown up in the Dodger culture like we have then its hard to understand this.
during our Journey together weve lost a couple along the way, Manny is gone, we lost Russell Martin, and now it appears weve lost Furcal. this is sad. you could argue that since Maury Wills Furcal has been one of the best shortstops in LA Dodgers history. the trade isnt offical yet, so we will keep you posted on any breaking developments.


Kuroda bleeds blue forever

*this just in, as I was writing this*

Hiroki Kuroda has told the Dodgers that he is staying put. Kuroda will not be waiving his no-trade clause and will remain with the team for the rest of the season.
this is a big victory for Kuroda, the fans and the Dodgers. Kuroda has been the heart and soul of the Dodgers pitching staff over the last four plus years. the japanese righty has been one of the most consistent Dodger pitchers in recent years. Kuroda has never posted an ERA below 3.73 since he joined the Dodgers in 2008. with a very low walk rate of 2.1. but Kuroda is more than just a commodity that we can ill afford to lose. after all there is no point in diluting the rotation just to recive a bunch of low A-ball prospects. however Kuroda's loyalty and Faith in the Dodgers is beyond anything ive seen during my lifetime as a third generation lifelong hardcore Dodger fan.

when asked about the trade rumors after his start the other night, Kuroda had this to say....My honest feeling is that I can't fathom wearing another uniform than the Dodgers uniform right now......

he also had this to say earlier today when asked about his decision to remain with the Dodgers.

 "I told Ned through my agent (Steve Hilliard) that I will be wearing this uniform throughout the season," Kuroda said, with Kenji Nimura interpreting. "I'm not going anywhere."

Kuroda said Colletti hadn't submitted any specific trades to any teams for his approval.

"Through my agent, I had heard a lot of things about some teams having interest in me," Kuroda said. "Last year, after thinking about it a lot, I decided to play for the Dodgers for one year, and that is still my plan."

Kuroda cited affection for, and loyalty to, his teammates as the reason for his decision.

"A key factor in me staying here is that it's really important for me to play with the same guys I started with," Kuroda said. ...

... Kuroda could choose to return to Japan after the season, when he again will be a free agent, but he said he hasn't made that decision yet.

"I haven't really thought about next year at all," he said. "Like I always say, it's one game at a time, and I'm concentrating on my next start."

now you tell me if that sounds like the words of someone wanting to leave? Hiroki has always showed this kind of immense loyalty to his teams. after all the Dodgers are only his second team hes ever pitched for. Kuroda pitched for ten years with the Hiroshima Toyo Carp of the japan league, he established himslef as one of the best pitchers in japan, and even led the league in ERA one year. he displayed his loyalty for the carp as well, telling them they would be the only Japanese team he would ever play for, and if he did leave it would be for the majors. Kuroda came to the US and the majors with his family for a better life. he chose the Dodgers. he could have chosen any team. we all know how good Kuroda is, when you find a good starting pitcher, that is as loyal as he is, you dont let him go. the Dodgers were reportedly only shopping him out of courtesy for Kuroda, who has alot of respect from everyone accross MLB. well Kuroda has made his decision. he stays. lets reward Kuroda for all of his great consistency over the years, by letting him do what he wants to do, which is retire as a Dodger. weve all known for a while now that he only wants to pitch for the Dodgers.

Kuroda isnt flashy, and rarly talks to the media. hes a very focused quiet man. Kuroda is just a Dodger.......and always will be :)

another roster move was made today. Juan Uribe was placed on the 15 day DL with that hip flexor injury, and Casey Blake (rusty anchor) has been activated and is in the lineup tonight. Blake had been on the DL for an arthritic neck and extreme rustyness.

the pitching matchups today has Arizona rookie righty Micah Owings, on the mound. the Dodgers have never faced him, but apparently hes pitched pretty well, throwing five shutout innings against Colorado in his last start.
the Dodgers will counter with Chad Billingsley. Bills has shown bursts of greatness during an up and down year. he pitched very well in his last start, retiring 21 of the last 22 batters he faced on his way to beating washington. Bills has always pitched well against Arizona with a 9-6 record, 3.26 ERA and 135 strikeouts.

true blue note......  

late last night after the game, Stac went into labor, she was rushed to the hospital and delivered a healthy baby girl. today she is resting comfortably, and so is little Aliana Reese Wheeler.
congratulations to Stac, and welcome to our newest addition to our family. we could say that Aliana has been mashing down in the minors, and is being called up to the bigs. our Dodger family gets bigger. and Im an uncle for the second time. Stac and Aliana will both be watching the game tonight. Aliana's first Dodger game!
I was actually joking with her the other day that Bison would send her into labor with a monster homerun. it very nearly happened yesterday. since today is little Aliana's birthday lets get her a win shall we boys? game time is at 710 on KCAL. go blue!

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