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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dodgers look to end first half on winning note

Dodgers lineup

Tim Stauffer-5-5 vs. Ted Lilly-5-9

so here we are. this is it. the last game before the all-star break. the Dodgers will host the padres for this final game of the three game series. after today, Kemp, Kershaw, and Ethier will fly to Phoenix for the all-star game. we will be rooting our three stars during the ASG festivities. the rest of the team will rest at home throughout the week, before flying to Arizona on thursday.

the allstar homerun derby is on Monday night. Kemp will be participating in this years derby. the allstar game is on tuesday night, and then wend. is typically an off day for all teams. the Dodgers also have thursday off as well, and then open a three game set in arizona starting on friday night.

with this being the final game before the allstar break, anything goes per say. its kind of like the last day of the season. we might see starting pitchers come in for an inning or two. ive seen teams do this before because of the three or four days off.

Mattingly is still mulling over his rotation for the second half, in large part due to him not knowing how Kershaw will or will not be used in the allstar game. Mattingly would like to start kershaw on friday night, but he might not be able to if Kershaw pitches more than an inning in the allstar game.
Mattingly said he will call Bruce Bochy to find out. do the right thing Bochy, do not use Kersh for more than an inning.

as for the pitching matchup tonight, we have Tim Stauffer for San Diego. Stauffer has allowed less than two earned runs in his last 6 starts. against the league he is 5-5 with a 2.97 ERA. he has pitched very well.

the Dodgers will counter with Lefty Ted Lilly. after all the optimism from the last few nights, with the walkoff win yesterday, it puts us in a position weve been in before. we could very well have our optimism sent back down to reality, since Lilly is pitching. Im not confident. Lilly had been pushed back because of a sore elbow, but did pitch better last time out, going 6 allowing 3 runs, but he still allowed his usual home run derby. its interesting to see if even the padres can take Lilly deep. the padres are not only the worst hitting team in the national league, but theyve also only hit 47 homers, the least amount in all of baseball. so lets see if a team that doesnt hit homeruns, can take a pitcher deep that allows a ton of homeruns. however Lily has always pitched well against San Diego in his career, hes posted a 7-3 record, with a 3.00ERA and 76 strikeouts.

the Dodgers have been here before though, remember they have not won 4 in a row this year, and they have yet to sweep a team. with a win today, the Dodgers could accomplish just that.

also remember the Dodgers have not allowed a run int he last three games, so lets see how far that lasts with Lilly pitching. (wont last long)

after todays game, we will have the last postgame of the first half, and then we will be taking a bit of a vacation during the allstar break. we wont be back until our pregame for friday night's game in Arizona, for the beginning of the second half.
Stacie and I would like to thank you all for reading and following along with us this first half. anyone who has read or commented. stay with us for what will be an exciting second half!

lets get a win first before the break. game time is at 110 on PT. GO BLUE!

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