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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dodgers say no-no as Pudjito's walk off hit gives Dodgers 1-0 win

Padres    0 1 2
Dodgers 1 2 0

the Dodgers won their third game in a row, and their second straight 1-0 win. this was another deadlocked game, a scoreless battle until the 9th inning. like yesterday, the Dodgers would need just 1 run to win, but this game was even more unreal.

in a battle between Aaron Harang, and Rubby De La Rosa, saw the Dodgers no hit through 8.2 innings, and only 1 hit in the entire game until the 9th inning. the Dodgers hadnt been no-hit since 94, when Kent Mercker of the Braves did it at Dodger stadium, and of coarse the no-hitter that the Dodgers won against the angels, when they were no-hit by Jered Weaver and jose Arredondo in 2008.

the Dodgers also have thrown three straight shutouts, for the first time since july of 1991, and have not allowed a run since late wed night.

DLR goes 6 shutout innings, only allowing 1 hit

Harang pitches 6 no hit innings but gets a no-decision

in the first inning De La Rosa strikes out two, Bartlett and Hudson. in the bottom of the inning, Harang walks Dre and Kemp, but Loney pops out to end the inning.

in the second inning, headly walks, and takes second on a wild pitch, but DLR strikes out denorfia, Maybin flies oput, and Rizzo strikes out.

this game had more Ohfers than a box full of donuts. the Dodgers go down 123 in the second inning, and DLR strikes out the side in the third. whiffing Johnson Harang, and Venable.

move to the top of the 5th, with both sides being no hit still, Denorfia walks, and Maybin singles to center. it would be San Diego's only hit of the game. but Rizzo flies out, Johnson grounds out, and Harang strikes out, and were still scoreless.

in the 6th inning, venable walks, but bartlett and Hudson ground out, Headly is walked intentionally, and Denorfia grounds out, to Hit Machine.

the Dodgers still without a hit, bring in Guerrier to pitch the 7th, and he does very well, pitching a 123 inning.
DLR goes 6, allows just 1 hit, 4 walks, and a career high of 8 strikeouts.

Harang is taken out after 6 innings as well. I dont think ive ever seen a pitcher taken out during a no-hitter, but Harang just off the DL, and made 95 pitches. the padres didnt want to push him. he walks 3 and strikes out 6.

the rookie Spence is brought in to pitch to Dre in the 7th, and strikes him out. Qualls relieves Spence, and gets Kemp to ground to second, but Bartlett's throw to first is low, and bounces off of Rizzo's glove. Kemp advances to second on the error. Loney is intentionally walked, and the Padres will take their chances with Uribe. Bud Black is not stupid. Uribe fouls out, and Navarro grounds out, and the Dodgers still dont have a hit.

its now a battle of the bullpens, and San Diego has a very good bullpen. the Dodger bullpen was magnificent today. Dougie comes in and pitches a 123 8th inning. there is still just 1 hit in the entire game.

tough pitcher Mike Adams comes in for the bottom of the 8th. he walks Carroll, and Oeltjen comes off the bench to pinch hit, and sacrifices Carroll to second, but Oeltjen is safe at first, when third baseman headly's throw is high, forcing Hudson to come off the bag. (miles had been on deck, but was called back, im guessing Donnie wanted to save him for later in the game, incase he needed him)
at this point I dont care how the Dodgers score here, errors, walks, sac fly, whatever, just please get someone home!
the agony would continue, when Gwynn is asked to bunt, but cant do it, and pops out to Johnson.
then of coarse, Furcal flies out, and Ethier grounds out. still nothing. lots of zeros.

Oeltjen is safe at first on the error

in the top of the 9th, hawksworth makes mince meat of the padres, retiring them in order.

finally our agony would end in the bottom of the 9th. Luke Gregerson, another very tough pitcher is on the mound. Kemp begins the frame by striking out. the Dodgers still are without a hit..........

next batter is Loney, he weakly grounds out to first, the Dodgers are still without a hit.........

ok so two outs, bottom of the 9th, no score, only 1 hit in the game, and remember the Padres, have NEVER thrown a no-hitter. with Uribe at the plate the count goes to 1-2, and then uribe doubles to deep left field, over Denorfia's head, and finally finally the Dodgers have a hit!

uribe slams a double in the 9th inning, for the Dodgers first hit of the game

so with the no-hitter broken up by Uribe of all people, the winning run is at second base, so who should come up in this situation? of coarse, fatty Navarro. Navarro singles into right field, scoring Uribe, and the Dodgers win again 1-0, on only two hits.

Uribe, Miles, and Jamey Carroll, all celebrate after the Dodgers walk-off 1-0 win

Pudgy Navarro pumps his fist, after his walk-off single wins it for the Dodgers in the 9th.

so one minute were ready to hang ourselves, with the Dodgers getting no-hit for 8.2 innings, minutes later were jubilant in celebration, after the two most unlikly heroes, get two clutch hits in the bottom of the 9th to win it for the Dodgers. were Dodger fans, were used to it. Im not sure if the closed door meeting has helped, but since then the Dodgers have won three in a row, and havent allowed a run. unbeleivable.

tomorrow is the final game before the all-star break. all these scoreless innings have been nice, but we might be shell-shocked back to reality, since guess who is pitching for the Dodgers? thats right, ted Lilly. Tim Stauffer will counter for San Diego.

oh btw some interesting tidbits about today's game. the last combined no-hitter was in 2003 between the Astros and Yankees, and the last game to have just 1 hit between the two teams? Sandy Koufax's perfect game in 1965.
there was a protest today out on sunset blvd I beleive, where about 75 fans protested the ownership of Frank Mccourt, voicing their disgust the current situation. maybe today's boycott, cought on because there was no one at the stadium. it looked like about 7 or 8 thousand people at the ravine. shame too, because they missed a terrific game. boycotts are lame, although this one went to a good cause, the money was donated to the Bryan Stow fund. however, it isnt the players fault a scumbag writes their checks. see what happens? you miss games like this. the Dodgers need our support right now.

join us tomorrow at 110PM, as the Dodgers try to end the first half on a winning note. wow! what a game! GO BLUE!

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