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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dodgers stopped cold in the Desert

Dodgers  2 5 0
Dbacks   3 5 0

the Dodgers momentum, and good vibes were stopped cold in the desert, as the annoying Dbacks beat the Dodgers 3-2. once again lousy offense dooms the Dodgers to another loss.

after the Dodgers go down 123 in the first inning,
Kuroda looked shaky from the beginning. he allows a leadoff double to Johnson. but he gets out of the inning with ninja like precision. Drew flies out to Gwynn, Upton strikes out, and Young grounds back to the box.

in the second inning, Bison crushed a homerun to center field, beyond comprehension. that was Kemp's 24th homerun of the season. 1-0 Dodgers :)

in the bottom of the second, the Dbacks score three runs off one swing of the bat. remember the dbacks hit homeruns. Montero a groundball single, Blum a double, puts runers at second and third.  rookie Brandon Allen slugs a three run homerun to right field. ughhhhh. 3-1 arizona.

Brandon Allen's three run home run was the difference maker in todays game.

Kuroda does get out of the inning, by retiring the next three hitters.

in the bottom of the third, Drew leads off with a double to right. Drew gets a little greedy though, and is thrown out at third. if your keeping score it went 9-6-5
upton and young both strike out to end the frame.

Kuroda settles down quite nicly, so lets move along to the top of the 5th.

the Dodgers score a run, on three walks, and a pop fly single, but they could have had more. heres what happened,
Miles walks, then Uribe is called out on strikes. (Uribe really really really sucks balls) Navarro a pop fly single to shallow left field. Kuroda sacrifices the runners to second and third. then Kennedy hops on the walkapalooza tour. he walks gwynn, he walks Furcal. forcing in a run, its 3-2. Dre pops out, ending the rally. dammit.

Kuroda goes 6 allows three runs of 5 hits, strikes out 7 and walks none.

Elbert pitches a scoreless frame of relief in the bottom of the 7th.

the Dodgers go down in order 123 in the 8th, off of Corey Patterson, and Sam Demel.
Elbert pitches his second scoreless frame in the bottom of the 8th, setting the dbacks down 123.

David Hernandez comes in to close for the Dbacks, and retires the Dodgers in order. Miles flies out. with 1 out, Uribe is so bad, that he is hit for in the 9th with James Loney of all people. its hilarious, but the results are bad as we would expect. Loney pops out. Navarro strikes out to end the game.

the clock is running out for the Dodgers as we inch closer and closer to the july 31 trade deadline.
tomorrow is an afternoon game, and with Ted Lilly on the mound, its a for sure loss. Daniel Hudson will counter for Arizona. the rubber game is a 110PM start time. we hope you will join us. poor Kuroda.
Go Blue

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