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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tony Gwynn Jr. signing in Glendale

I thought I would sneak this post in to take a break from the game caps. last week I attended the Tony Gwynn Jr. signing at the staples store in Glendale.

it wen very well, there was a lot of dodger fans there. I had brought with me a dodger baseball, my autograph book. I also found his father's rookie card. he was impressed by the rookie card and told me to hang onto it. he was very nice and signed everything. the store was selling printed pics of him. they had three to buy for very cheap. one was him batting, one was of him fielding, and one was him running the bases. I bought the one of him hitting, and had him sign it. I also got a pic with him. posted above.

overall it was a very good day, and a fun event. I'm looking forward to going to my next Dodger signing event. go blue