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Monday, September 5, 2011

Nationals play long ball off Kuroda

Dodgers    2 9 1
Nationals  7 12 1

Our Labor day morning was ruined today, thanks to Hiroki Kuroda's worst start of the year, and a listless Dodger offense. the Nationals hit three home runs off Kuroda in the first inning, and four total. Kuroda had never allowed three or more home runs in a game, and this was a replay of the exact same game played at Dodger stadium on july 24th, the Nationals won that day by the same score of 7-2.

Mattingly also benched Ethier and Loney in favor of Gwynn and Mitchell, as Washington threw nothing but left-handers at us the entire game. I have no problem with Gywnn playing, but we need to play Loney everyday in order to determine whether we want to bring him back or not. we need to be able to see what he can do with that new swing he's developed. that should supersede taking a look at Mitchell, or lefty on mound, or whatever other bullshit reasoning.

the game started out ok for the Dodgers, but Gordon had a bad game, going 0 for 4 with three whiffs. remember gordon and Sellers are young so there going to make some mistakes. its a learning process.

top of the first, sees Gordon being called out on strikes on a pitch that was up around his face. god these Umpires are awful. that would prove important, because he would have easily scored on Carroll's double.
Carroll and Kemp both double, and the Dodgers are up early 1-0 off of Lannon.
Rivera flies outs, Miles walks,  but Mitchell whiffs.

the first batter of Kuroda starts ho hum on a dreary day in the Nations capital. Desmond homers on a 1-2 having pitch.
ankiel singles, Zimmerman flies out deep to Gywnn. then MSTI's favorite first baseman, Mike Morse hits one out, giving Washington a 3-0 lead. then Werthless homers,(remember he signed with Washington in the offseason).
4-0 Nats. Kuroda gets Espinoza and Ramos to whiff ending the inning. what a terrible start for Kuroda. he just didn't have it today.

move to the top of the first with the Nats still leading 4-0. Rivers walks, and Miles singles, and theres runners at first and second with nobody out. Russ Mitchell nearly hits into a triple play singlehandedly killing the scoring rally. the chopper to third, gives washington a 5-4-3 double play, the throw to first is too wide and gets away for a throwing error, sending Mitchell to second.
Gwynn flies out.

Kuroda settled down qute nicely in the middle innings, but this game was over by the first inning. Im thinking maybe fatigue has settled in. this is a long road trip.
top of the 6th, with Lannon still pitching, Kemp grounds out, Rivera singles, Davey Johnson, former Dodger manager, (remember Jim Riggleman quit mid season because the club wouldn't talk about his contract extension, so Johnson was hired to get them through the year), beings in some rook named Balester, he gets Miles to fly out on a good play by Morse.
Donnie realizing the error of his ways, has Loney hit for Mitchell, and Loney continues his hot hitting with a single. Johnson comes back out with a hook, double switching former cubs castoff Tom gorzlelany into the game. he whiffs Gwynn on a nasty looking breaking ball.

Kuroda starts to tire in the bottom half of the 6th, giving up another home run to Mike Morse.
but he gets through the rest of the inning unscathed.

the Nationals scored another run on the bottom of the 7th , off Josh Lindblom. Desmond singles, and Ankiel doubles him in, making it a 6-1 ballgame.

bottom of the 8th, Ramon troncoso, now up with the club, reanimated from the grave, comes in and allows a run but it was due to a fielding error from Dee Gordon.
Wethless' chopper to third goes right through Miles legs. Miles defense is really sketchy, but we don't have anyone to play third, so what else are we to do?
Espinoza whiffs, Gomes soft liner to Gordon is dropped, the dodgers get the out at first, but it should have been a double play, Ramos single scores Werthless 7-1 now.
another ex-Dodger old friend Alex Cora, doubles Ramos to third, Finally Troncoso whiffs Desmond to end the inning.

Old Friend Alex Cora makes a catch on a foul pop up in the 8th inning
top of the 9th, Sean Burnett gets Loney to ground out, Gywnn flies out, Ellis doubles down the line in the right field corner, and Sellers doubles him home and its 7-2. Ellis should be playing every day.
Gordon's grounder up the middle is deflected off of Burnett's glove and turned into an out. game set match.

well its a crappy labor day Dodger fans. Lannon gets the win for his 5.1 innings of 1 run ball. Washington threw nothing but lefties at us all day. we didn't respond well.  Kuroda takes the loss despite striking out 9  Nationals, so I guess thats something. Tomorrow's game at 405PM will see the return of Steven Strasburg, who is coming off of Tommy John Surgery. Strasburg is a young pitcher who has had his career fueled by hype alone. we should see plenty of that tomorrow. Strasburg will be on a strict 60 pitch count limit. Ted Lilly will take the mound for the Dodgers.
whenever a National hit a home run they sound this annoying air horn. with Lilly pitching tomorrow expect to hear that siren blare many times.
tomorrow will be televised on KCAL, as the Dodgers try to right the ship. lets hope they can do it. happy Labor Day Dodger fans. I know it doesn't feel like one today

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