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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Harang Hangs the Dodgers Out to Dry

Dodgers 0 4 1
Padres    3 5 0
WP- Harang (14-7)
LP- Billingsley (11-11)
S- Bell (42)

Aaron Harang (Photo: The Canadian Press)
Harang Shuts Out Dodgers
The Dodgers barely squeak out a measly 4 hits against Aaron Harang tonight in San Diego. Chad Billingsley has a classic 5th inning meltdown and only makes 78 pitches. He ends the season with a even 11-11 record and a 4.21 ERA. The offense sputtered as KEMvP went 1 for 4 while Sands, Loney, and Gordon had the other 3 hits.

In the 1st, Bison has a 2-out single, but that is all. Bills has a very quick 1st inning. It only takes him 7 pitches to strikeout Venable and retire the Padres in order.

Loney singles when the shortstop Parrino can't handle the hotly hit ball, but FedEx whiffs after. Loney then proceeds to steal second. He is 4 for 4 in steal attempts this season. Sellers whiffs to end the inning. Bills only walks Hermida in the bottom half of the inning.

The Dodgers go down 123 in the 3rd. Bills allows another walk to Parrino but nothing else.

KEMvP strikes out in the 4th, and the Dodgers go down in order again. Ugh. Why can't we hit Harang? In the bottom of the 4th there's an awesome play from the youngins. Hermida doubles and as he attempts to get greedy and go for a triple, Sands throws to Sellers who then cannons the ball over to Mitchell at 3rd who tags him out! Nice!

FedEx whiffs, and again the Dodgers go down pathetically in the 5th. The bottom of the 5th gets ugly for Bills. He's pitching well up to this point, and I'm not sure what triggers the meltdown to ensue. He begins by whiffing Martinez. Ok, good. Then Rizzo singles. Maybe that rattled him? He walks Parrino. Harang misses a bunt and strikes out. Then for some ungodly reason Bills serves up a slow 66 mph curve to Venable who promptly singles bringing in Rizzo to score, 1-0 San Diego. Hudson then singles in Parrino, 2-0. Then Venable scores on a FedEx error when he tries to pickoff Hudson and throws it away. 3-0. Bills hits Maybin before the inning is finally over when Headley grounds out.

Bills goes 5 innings, allowing 4 hits, 3 runs, 3 walks, and 3 strikeouts.

In the 6th Sands doubles extending his hitting streak to 12 games. The Dodgers fail to do anything else. Kuo comes into take over where Bills left off and he only allows a 2-out walk to Rizzo who is then cut down by FedEx attempting to steal 2nd. Nice throw!

In the 7th, annoying Parrino makes two good plays to help Harang take down the Dodgers in order. Kuo is still in and he hits Parrino but Harang strikes out trying to bunt him over for the 2nd time during the game.

Will Kuo Pitch Next Season?

Useless Oeltjen whiffs in the 8th, and the Dodgers-you guessed it-go down 123. Lindblom strikes out Maybin, and then Elbert comes in and strikes out Blanks, Hermida singles, but Martinez whiffs to end the inning.

Harang goes 8 strong innings, allowing 3 hits, 0 runs, 0 walks, 5 strikeouts on 105 pitches.

Heath Bell comes running in for the 9th, and allows a Gordon squib single. That's 11 games straight now for Gordon with a hit. Sands whiffs. KEMvP hits into a double play to fittingly end this horrible game.

Tomorrow is the rubber game at 1:05pm. Clayton Kershaw will go for his 21st win of the season. Join us tomorrow for our pregame post in the morning. Good night, Go Blue!

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