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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kershaw wins 21st, as Dodgers win 80th game

Dodgers  6 6 0
Padres     2 51

Dodgers Ace Clayton Kershaw gets his 21st win

Dodgers Ace Clayton Kershaw completed his Cy Young award season. his final start completes what is likely the most dominating single season pitching performance of any Dodger pitcher not named Koufax.
The other story going on was Matt KeMvP's quest for the MVP and triple crown. he currently began the day tied with Pujols for home runs, first in RBIs, and third in avg .3 points behind crazy eye Ryan Braun. otherwise this was a meaningless game.

Kershaw and the Dodgers beat San Diego 6-2. Kershaw pitches 7.1 allowing two runs off 4 hits. he walked 1 and whiffed 6. The Dodgers scored two runs early in the first,  two in the 5th, and then two more in the 8th.

The Dodgers score in the first, with 1 out, Carroll walks, and Bison doubles into the gap. Maybin attempts to slide in order to cut off the ball. but it careems off of his foot. allowing Carroll to score from first.
Bison tags up to third on Rivera's fly ball to right. Miles then immediatly singles in KeMvP. 2-0 Dodgers.

Miles singles in a run

Kershaw whiffs Bartlett and Hundley in the first. Kershaw whffed 6 on the night.

in the top of the third, KeMvP's second at bat sees him hit a long towering fly ball right to the wall in center, anywhere else this ball is a homerun but you know playing in the mosoleum that is petco park its an out.

move to the 5th, Gordon grounds out, Carroll walks again. KeMvP's groundball single is ruled an error on Bartlett, even though KeMvP beat it out. Rivera singles in Carroll, and Miles groundball force out, scores KeMvP. making it 4-0 Dodgers.

That would he more than enough for our Ace, despite tiring out in the 8th inning. boy San Diego really sucks. Kershaw had only allowed one hit until the 5th. Aaron Cunningham homered just over the wall in left. 4-1 Dodgers. Kershaw has a 123 6th inning. Luke Greggerson relieves opposing pitcher Cory Luebke in the top of the 7th. Luebke pitched ok, but is no match for Kershaw.

move to the top of the 8th, with Josh Spence on the mound, Miles and Loney grounded out, San Diego makes a pitching change. Hamren relieves Spence. Sands walked, and Big Rod follows with a two run home run. 6-1 Dodgers. its Big Rod's 16th homerun of the season.

Big Rod watches his 16th homerun go out.

Bottom of the 8th and Kershaw begins to tire. Hudson leads off with a double, Cunningham flies out, but Hudson tags up to third. Gonzalez triples home Hudson, and its 6-2 Dodgers. Mattingly calls in Jansen to relieve Kersh, and he predictably, blows away pinch hitter Will Venable, who apprently doesnt believe in wearing batting gloves, as he flings his bat in the stands twice after whiffing trying to hit the Aspirin tablets Jansen was throwing. Jansen whiffs Maybin to end the 8th.

Will "no bat" venable has no bat, and he also flinged his into the stands

 The Dodgers go down 123 in the top of the 9th, as KeMvP grounds out in his last at bat. he ends the day going 1 for 4 with a double, and his average drops to .324 hes about .8 points behind Braun.

Guerra into close it in the bottom of the 9th. he whiffs Bartlett, hundley singles to center, Guzman walks, and Denorfia grounds into a double play to end the game.

The Dodgers now have their 80th win of the season with three games left to play. Clayton Kershaw finished what should be his Cy Young season by leading for the pitching triple crown. he leads in wins, ERA, and strikeouts. Kershaws final numbers are a 21-5 record, 2.28 ERA,  and 248 strikeouts.

Congratulations Kershaw on an excellent season. The Dodgers finish 13-5 against San Diego, and have won 6 of their last 8 games.

Join us tomorrow as COC graduate Dana Eveland will take the mound against Daniel Hudson. this should be a good game, as the Dodgers fly to Arizona for the final three games of the 2011 season. tomorrow's game is  at 640 on Prime Ticket. theres still lots of reasons to watch the last three games. KeMvP's quest for the triple crown and or 40/40. The Dodgers quest for one more win to ensure them of a winning season. and this may be our last chance to watch Dodger baseball before four long boring months of the offseason. congratulations to Kershaw for an amazing season. his dominating excellence is wonderfully refreshing isnt it Dodger fans? weve been drinking up his magnificence all season long.
Go Kersh!, and GO BLUE

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