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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dodgers try and stop Ian Kennedy

Dodgers Lineup

Ian Kennedy-19-4 vs. Chad Billingsley-10-10

The Dodgers are facing a very tough opposing pitcher tonight in game two of this three game series, to being the Dodgers final home stand

The Dodgers have now lost two in a row by meltdowns similar to the ones they had almost every other game earlier in the season. They've looked tired and listless. the Offense has cooled off, and the normally lights out bullpen, has been overworked, and awful the last couple of games. Im hoping they can somehow turn it around tonight against first place Arizona.

as we know by now, Arizona and Manager of the year Kirk Gibson, are on their way into the postseason, with their final record determining whether they will have a division series clash with the Phillies, or if they will avoid them in the first round and play Milwaukee, or NL wild card leader Atlanta.

Tonight the Dodgers will have to face the National League's leader in wins, Ian Kennedy. yeah no problem right? Kennedy is 19-4 and looking for his 20th win, as he tries to steal away the cy young from Kershaw.
Kennedy has been excellent this season, blossoming into one the league's elite pitchers. he has an ERA of 2.90, and has only lost one measly start since july 3rd. he is also 3-1 against the Dodgers. with his 20th win he would become the first 30 game winner in the league this year.

The Dodgers will try to somehow stop the Juggernaut of the Arizona lineup, by Countering with Chad Billingsley. he has struggled lately. he is 10-10 on the season, and his inconsistency has defined his up and down season. at times he's good, and at times he's terrible. still not sure whats wrong with him. is it injury? is it mechanical? the Dodgers are saying its mechanical, and Mattingly has told us thats he's working on it with pitching coach Rick Honeycutt, to get him back on track. I hope they can figure it out. we need a healthy productive Bills if were going to compete in 2012. we need him to develop back into the number 2 guy we hoped he would be behind Kershaw. Bills has always pitched well against Arizona in his career. a 10-7 record, 3.5 ERA, and 141 whiffs. keep a close eye on Montero who has crushed bills hitting .391 in 23 ABs. Which Bills will show up tonight? we shall see Dodger fans.

The lineup looks better tonight than from sunday, and we've beaten Kennedy before, but this time I'm afraid there may be no stopping them, as the Dbacks are running the gamet into the playoffs.

tonight's postgame is gonna be a bit shortened. Ill be in class tonight during the game, but ill be keeping an eye on game day, with Stacie providing me with updates. DBF will not be making any september call ups. look for Stacie to cover tomorrow's game, and a few additional games over the next few weeks. She will continue to follow a strict game count for the remainder of the season. We here at DBF are also tired and banged up, its a long season. I can only imagine how the players feel at the end of the year.

Can the Dodgers stop Kennedy? can Kemp, and Loney lead the team to victory tonight? Will the good Bills show up tonight? these questions and more will be answered. tune in at 710 on KCAL to find out. I just want my 9 more wins please. were reaching the end of the season soon, enjoy the games while you can. GO BLUE

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