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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mattingly Bunts, Hawksworth blows

Dodgers 3 7 1
Braves   4 11 1

Ok look, I knew the Dodgers were eventually gonna lose at some point, but it wasn't supposed to happen like this. With Kershaw on the mound, this looked like a certain win, but Don Mattingly couldn't manage himself out of a paper bag. the Braves scored three runs in the 7th to tie it, and 1in the 9th to win, snapping the Dodgers 6 game winning streak.
there were three hits in the 7th, one was a broken bat blooper, a bad throw from Miles on a botched double play, as Sellers missed the bag, Mattingly's incessant bunting, and Hawksworth blew it in the 9th.
The Braves exposed the Dodgers weakness, rookie manager, and rookie infielders.

the Dodgers scored their three runs in the top of the third, with 1 out, Kershaw starts the rally himself with a single. theres a wild pitch that sends him to second. Dee Gordon's infield hit puts runners at first and third. Loney whiffs while Gordon steals second. with first base open, the Braves have Delgado pitch to Kemp. I don't know why because they had been walking him all series. Kemp blasts one into the left field bleachers for a three run home run. number 32 for Bison. 3-0 Dodgers.

Kemp's 32nd home run put the Dodgers ahead 3-0
the Dodgers could have scored another run on the top of the 7th, but Mattingly does his bunting crap again.
Kershaw reaches on a bunt single. Gordon's single sends Kershaw to third. maybe Kersh got tired from running the bases?
Donnie has Loney try to bunt again for the third time this series? Loney couldn't get the bunt down, and ends up whiffing. then Kemp whiffs and Rivera flies out.

everything came unraveled for the Dodgers in the bottom of the 7th inning. Kershaw had been cruising. he had not allowed a run or walked a single batter, and had struck out 10. Ross whiffs, but Gonzalez and Wilson both single putting runners at first and third. Constanza hits chopper to Miles, a perfect double play, normally the Dodgers turn this, but Miles throw is a bit wide, and Sellers misses the bag while coming across. everyone is safe, and Wilson scores. they give Miles an error, but his throw wasn't that far off the mark, Sellers just missed the bag. rookie mistake.  theres a wild pitch sending the runners to second and third. Brooks Conrad sends a broken bat single into shallow center. a friction blooper. scoring both Wilson and Constanza and its a tie game 3-3. dammit.
Kershaw gets through the inning, but it would be his past. Kershaw goes 7 allowing 3 runs , two earned, walking none and whiffing 10. his ERA stays at 2.45, he now has 222 whiffs, but he gets a no decision.

top of the 8th. O'flaherty pitching for Atlanta. Dre flies out, Miles singles. Big rod reaches on catchers Interference, as Ross's glove hit Big rod's bat or something. haven't seen that play in a while. very weird.
theres a passed ball sending Miles to third, but Big Rod hits a roller to third, that ends up being a double play, even though the ball looked foul. I swear it looked foul.

Bottom of the 8th was very sketch, but the Dodgers got out of it. Lindblom retires Hinske on a groundout, but allows a single to Uggla. Mattingly yanks him, and brings in Elbert. Atlanta who had rested several of their regulars, has Brian Mccann pinch hit for backup catcher Ross. Elbert whiffs him on a 3-2 pitch. two outs. Mattingly brings a hook again, this time bringing in Hawksworth. I don't why he didn't just leave Elbert in. Hawk does get Gonzalez to fly out and we go to the 9th.

Craig Kimbrel, the Braves all-star closer retires the Dodgers in order in the top of the 9th.
the Dodgers winning streak comes to an end, but they almost got out of it. Hawk whiffs Wilson, but annoying Constanza singles. theres another wild pitch that sends Constanza to second. they walk Chipper Jones intentionally. Bourne hits a deep fly to the gap in right, that looked like would end the game, but Andre Ethier comes flying out of nowhere to swoop in with a full glove side extension diving catch, seemingly saving the Dodgers ass for the moment. who says Ethier can't play defense?

Martin Prado's single down the line in left, easily scores Constanza and the Dodgers win streak is over.
The Braves are a good team, and if you make too many mistakes, they will take advantage, and the Dodgers made way too many mistakes. there was very little room for error tonight, but too bad the bullpen got used up the last couple of games, we didn't have many options tonight.

lets see how the Dodgers bounce back from this loss. they travel to Washington to play the lowly Nationals for four. well see Stenven Strasburg on tuesday, but tomorrow Hiroki Kuroda will try and start a new win streak for the Dodgers, as he draw Lannon. tomorrows game is an early 1005AM labor day start.
Im gonna go knock back a few cold ones and try to forget about this game. what can you do? still two out of three against Atlanta is pretty good, Ill take that anyway. lets get back on track tomorrow Dodger fans.

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