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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spoiler Dodgers look to help Kershaw win 20th

Dodgers Lineup
Big Rod2

Tim Lincecum-13-12 vs. Clayton Kershaw-19-5

Well here we are. the Final home series. fittingly the last three home games of the 2011 season, are against our hated rival the Giants. The Giants are coming in fresh off an 8 game winning streak. they swept the Padres and Colorado, before coming into town.
this won't be just any old season ending series between the two clubs. another historic chapter in the Dodgers and Giants rivalry will be written. The Giants winning streak has propelled them back into the race. while there 5 games behind Arizona, in the NL west. there only 3.5 games behind Atlanta for the NL wildcard. however the Cardinals are right on their tail as well, a game ahead of San Francisco, and 2.5 games behind Atlanta. With everything on the line for the Giants, as they make one final hail mary run at the postseason, nothing is at stake for the Dodgers. they've already been eliminated from both races, and are now back to .500 after beating Pittsburgh 3 in a row, including their 15-1 drubbing yesterday. The Dodgers are now 76-76, third place in the NL west.

however the Dodgers find themselves in the position of the spoiler role. this is a role the Dodgers haven't been in quite a while, but its happened before with these two teams.

The Iconic images above will be forever ingrained in our memories. it all started in 1951 with Bobby Thompson's shot heard around the world. there was Joe Morgon's home run in 82 that knocked us out on the last day. but we returned the favor with Mike Piazza's two beautiful home runs which knocked the then 103 win Giants out of the playoffs on the final day of the 1993 season, as Nancy Bea Hefley serenaded the players with, I left my heart in San Francisco on her organist, to twist the knife further. then of coarse there was 2004, and Steve Finley's unforgettable grand slam home run, knocking the Giants out on the second to last day of the season, the Dodgers winning the division title, and our jubilance.

we have the chance to do it again. with Clayton Kershaw on the mound looking for his 20th win of the season. more history in this matchup. this is the fourth time this season, Clayton Kershaw and Tim Lincecum will match up, with Kersh winning the first three battles.
Kershaw has the lowest ERA in history for any pitcher against the Giants. he's 5-1 with a 1.26 ERA. he absolutely owns the Giants, and could become the first Dodger pitcher since Ramon Martinez in 1990 to win 20 games. standing in his way is Lincecum, who is of coarse no slouch against the Dodgers. he is 5-3 with a 2.87 ERA. However he's always out pitched by Kershaw. runs should be at a premium in today's game. a 20th win would surly help lock up the Cy Young for Kershaw. you would think so.

I actually care more about Kershaw getting his 20th win, then knocking the Giants out of the playoffs. well actually I must confess, I want both. I want my cake and to eat it too. I want Kersh to win his 20th, while knocking the Giants back a game. a loss would certainly spell doom for the Giants withering playoff hopes.
This is it boys in blue. the last chance to make a difference. the last home series. join us late tonight after the game for our post game recap. game time is at 705.
 in order for the Giants to get to the playoffs, there gonna have to beat us and Kershaw first. not if the Dodgers have anything to say about it. GO BLUE

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