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Monday, September 12, 2011

Dodgers return home for last stand

Dodgers Lineup
Big Rod2

Joe Saunders-10-12 vs. Ted Lilly-9-13

well here we are Dodger fans. its Monday september 12th, and the Dodgers have finally returned home for their final homestand, or as we will be calling it on DBF, "The Last Stand"
The Dodgers had a very good road trip going 7-3 with a rainout.

The Dodgers recent hot streak has seen them win 15 of their last 19 games, and given us all renewed optimism heading into next year. especially saving our sanity.
however the Dodgers remain in third place, 12 games behind with an elimination number of 6. why? because Arizona has won 16 out of 19 during that strecth. as former Dodger hero, and current Airzona manager Kirk Gibson, has his team 8.5 games ahead of the second place Giants heading into the final two weels of the season.

today Arizona will give the ball to Lefty Joe Saunders. weve seen plenty of Mr. Saunders over the coarse of this season. weve beaten him before, and we can beat him again. Saunders has won 10 of his last 19 decisions, and is 10-12 against the league, and 2-5 against the Dodgers. three Dodgers have hit him exceptionally well over the years. Loney , Big Rod, and Ethier. (sigh I miss Ethier)

The Dodgers will counter with veteran lefty Ted Lilly. he has pitched much more effective latly, but still has issues getting past the 5th inning, due to age and his underwhelmingness. but still, hes pitching better latly than Bills and Kuroda. more on them in a minute. Lily is 9-13 against the league, and 4-6 agaionst Arizona.

some quick notes to go over before we log off for the game tonight. Ethier is set to have knee surgery on wend. lets wish Dre a speedy recovery.
apparently Kuroda has a neck problem that has resurfaced that has been causing him some mechanical issues the last two starts, which is why hes been so lousy the last couple of weeks. he says its realtivly minor, but realted to past neck issues over the last few years. Hes said hell be able to make adjustments and be ok for the last couple of weels. I trust Kuroda, hes amazingly focused. If he says hes found the issue and is working on it, Im fine with that. however Billingsley is another story, were still not sure what the heck is wrong with him, but the Dodgers are saying its another mechanical issue. lets hope maybe Kuroda can help Bills rediscover himself. were gonna need both of them if were gonna have any chance of competing next year.

in other annoying news, Dodgers PR of communications Josh Rawitch is leaving for Arizona at the end of the season. thats all the news I have on that. stupid Arizona.

tonight's game is at 710, televised on Prime Ticket. The Dodgers enter the last homestand with a 72-73 record, and only 9 more wins to ensure a winning season.
if this recent hot streak has showed the rest of Baseball anything, its showed that the Dodgers will not give up. We will not go gently into that good night. we are going to fight. were going to play on. we will never give up. never surrender. this is it our last stand. the last act of defiance. lets do it.

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