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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cant Stop the Blue

Dodgers Lineup
Big Rod2

Ted Lilly-11-14 vs. Joe Saunders-12-12

Hi Everyone! well we made it. here we are, the final Dodger game of the 2011 season. Its been a dizzying season of ups and downs. weve made it through though, and as we prepare to look back on one of the most controversial seasons in Dodgers history, The Boys in Blue will be wrapping up their final series with tonight's game in Arizona.

I wont delve to much into last night's disgrace, but I'll just say its a real shame that was Stacies' last game of the year. Im sorry Stac. I wont spend too much time analyzing, but it should have been very different, instead we had to watch Ryan Roberts crush our souls with hs grand slam and moc Gibson fist pumps. It could have been avoided. despite what other Blogsites will have you believe, the Manager is in fact responsilbe for his teams play and ther place in the stadings at the end of the season
Dont believe the hype that the Dodgers have had no talent, and that Mattinlgy was dealt a poor hand. wrong. theyve had talent, its been there, it just hasnt been used properly.  granted theyve had plenty of issues.
Im not trying to bash Mattngly. he should be commended for his ability to prepare the players, and keep them focused for every game, and his great second half. however his strategies last night were disastrous, so none of us were suprised when the Division Champions led by a former World Series hero, drew walks, got hits, and pummeled a guy who hasnt been even remotly effective in the second half, as  he was mistakenly left in to allow a run with the bases loaded. then when Guerra was called in, it was already too little too late, as the momentum had already turned, and Guerra was asked to pitch out of a stretch with the bases loaded.

I will give Guerra a reprieve since hes pitched so well this year, but Hawk gets no reprieve as he clearly sucked, and didnt cover first base on a play that would have been the last out. It appears Hawk has pitched himself into DFA-o-ville. some people will have you believe that the game was meaningless or whatever. this is a poor argument, and a similar losing attitude prevents us from moving forward. yes I agree that the game had no playoff implications for the Dodgers, but that doesnt mean it wasnt meaningful. every game counts. you play to win, and put your best lineup out evrey game. thats how you edge out your competition. we will be posting our ow reviews this season, and one will be for Mattingly. we will not be grading on expctations, but on overall performence which is how players, and managers should be graded. Mattingly could learn alot by watching Kirk Gibson.

lets get to tonight's pitching matchups. in the Finale, Dodgers lefty Ted Lilly will take the hill. Lilly has had a very effective second half. posting a 2.32 ERA in his last ten starts. according to reports hes begn using a different grip on hs slider, which he lists as a top reason for his recent success.
Lilly is 11-14 with a 4.12 ERA. he is 4-7 againt Airzona.

Arizona will counter with left Joe Saunders, who at times has pitched very well. Saunders who is 20 in his last thre starts, pitched the Dbacks division clinching game. he didnt gt a decision but pitched very well. he is 12-12 on the year, and 3-5 against the Dodgers.

while the Dodgers have arady clinchded a winning season at 81-79, Arizona wil be fighting for home field advantage in the division series. With a win and a Brewers loss, the Dbacks will take over the second spot in the league and can avoid a first round trip to Philadephia.

the big story for the Dodgers today will be KeMvP. who needs just two more homeruns in this final game to finish with a 40/40 season and cement hs MVP candidacy. KeMvP, who cant win the batting title is third in avergae at .324, tied for first in homeruns with 38, and frst in RBI with 124. he is also first in runs scored 114, second in hts 194, and second in steals. can he do it? sure, hes hit three homers of Saunders this year.

well that about does it, lets take a moment to look back on everything this season. weve had Bison Blasts, Meltdowns, questionable lineups, questionable in-game decisions. shut-outs, extra innings games, ohfers, Eugenio Velez, (uggghh), shady Umpire calls, Triple plays, winning streaks, losing streaks, TOOTBLANS, roster changes, glimpses into the future, weve had a Cy Young pitcher, and an MVP centerfielder. weve had off the field controversy, ownership turmoil, Bankruptcies, legal poceedings. Weve had bumbling errors, game saving catches, (ahem, Tony Gwynn), agonizing defeats, and glorious come from behind victories. weve lost several players due to injuies, grew acustomed to a rookie Manager, and said a very sad farewell to Hit Machine (Furcal)

throughout it all, weve remained blue to the core. The Dodgers and their fans are like a family. we were born into blue. Stacie and I have been watching every Dodger game since we were old enough to walk. (ok almost every game). at heart were traditionalists, which is why we feel keeping the core group of players intact is the only way to hold onto Dodger tradition. at times weve been hard, (especialy on Mattingly) but its only because of our deep passion and Love for the Dodgers. we think this shows in our work. our Uncle and Grandfather were at Sandy Koufaxs' perfect game, we met Mike Scioscia in the Dodger dugout. we know that the players park just behind the bleachers, as we used to wait for hours there after games for autographs, we know that Roger the Peanut guy works the lodge section, The Men's Bathrooms still have troughs, and we could tell you how to get to the back way of Dodger stadium. you cant find those things out by calculating WAR formulas, you have to grow up in the Dodger culture of Los Angeles to know those types of things.

Let's stay united under our comon goal. to bring the World Series back to Dodger stadium. well be rooting passionatly for the Dodgers to win tonight, like always, so check in with us for the final Postgame recap of the 2011 season immedatly following. think weve been to harsh or critcal? let us know, we appreciate all comments and opinions. we would like to thank everyone and anyone who has read or commented. and of coarse a huge thanks to Matt KeMvP, for stepping his game up to the elite level.

the game starts at 640. televised on Prime ticket. If you cant get to a tv, tune in to KABC 790, for their final broadcast. the Dodgers will be moving to KLAC 570 next year.

well thats about it, Lets ends the season on a good note with a win shall we boys? in DBF tradition during the final pegame started last year, we give you a little fun video from Ozomatli. enjoy, and GO BLUE!

Ozomatli, "Can't Stop the Blue

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