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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

8-5, The Giants Keep Hope Alive

Dodgers 5 13 1
Giants    8 12 1
WP- Vogelsong (12-7)
LP- Eveland (2-2)
S- Wilson (36)
HR- KEMvP (35)

The Dodgers slip back to .500 after the Giants and Vogelsong snap their 4 game winning streak. Dana Eveland gave up three runs in the 1st inning after making 29 pitches, and only lasted four innings in another disappointing outing. In an otherwise meaningless game, we at least got to see Matt KEMvP hit his 35th homerun of the season.

Eveland has pitched horribly at Dodger Stadium, and he starts off shaky right away in the 1st inning. Pesky Christian gets an infield single to lead off, but Keppinger hits into a double play. Beltran doubles, and Pill singles him in giving the Giants a 1-0 lead. Eveland walks Belt and DeRosa, and then Fontenot doubles both of them in, 3-0. In the bottom half of the inning Gordon leads off with a single and steals second (#23). Carroll bunts him to 3rd, KEMvP walks, but Rivera hits a comebacker into a double play to end the inning.

In the 2nd Vogelsong whiffs, Christian reaches on a typical Miles error, but Keppinger hits into an inning ending double play. Loney and Ellis single in the bottom of the second, but Eveland flies out to end any hope of scoring.

In the third Beltran is hit by the pitch, and we are told later that he bruised his foot. Pill hits into a force, and Belt hits into a double play which is the third double play in as many innings. The Dodgers go down in order in the bottom of the third.

The Giants score more off Eveland in the 4th when DeRosa singles, Stewart walks, and Vogelsong bunts the runners over, and Christian then doubles in DeRosa and Stewart making it 5-0. In the bottom of the 4th Loney and Miles have back-to-back singles but then Sands and Ellis have back-to-back whiffs.

Eveland only goes 4 innings, allowing 6 hits, 5 runs, 3 walks, and striking out 1 on 70 pitches.

Blake Hawksworth comes in to pitch the 5th, and strikes out Beltran, but then Pill singles when Gordon drops the ball in shallow left field. That should have been caught by Rivera. Pill is doubled up caught stealing second while Belt strikes out. In the bottom of the 5th Eugenio Velez keeps his 0 for 33 streak intact by getting hit by the pitch. This is the only way Velez reaches base, so we'll take it. Gordon singles, and Carroll singles in Velez, 5-1. Then Bison comes up and hits a monster 414 foot 3-run homerun into the pavillion making it a closer 5-4 game. That's #35 for Bison! Miles singles, but Sands strikes out.
Bison Hits #35

Lindblom comes into pitch the 6th. DeRosa promptly singles, Gillaspie walks, and Christian once again singles in DeRosa, 6-4. Keppinger whiffs to end the inning. Former Dodger Guilermo Mota comes in for the Giants in relief and strikes out Gordon and sends the Dodgers down in order.

Vogelsong goes 5 innings, allowing 9 hits, 4 runs, 1 walk, and striking out 3 on 104 pitches.

A very shaky Kuo comes in and walks Torres and allows a Pill double which scores Torres making it 7-4. Donnie brings in Guerrier and DeRosa hits a sac fly which scores Pill, 8-4. Ramirez pitches the 7th for the Giants and allows a Carroll single, then whiffs Bison and Rivera. Bochy seemingly threatened by Loney (wow can't believe that's happening now) brings in the the lefty Lopez. Loney lines out to DeRosa.

Troncoso pitches a nice 123 inning in the 8th striking out Christian. In the bottom of the 8th with Lopez still in, Miles whiffs, Sands singles and takes second on a Belt error. Sands extends his hitting streak to 9 games. Blackbeard Jr. comes in and both Ellis and Big Rod pathetically strike out on 6 pitches by Romo.

Ely is brought into pitch the 9th and promptly serves up a single to Keppinger, Burris runs for him and steals second. Torres singles. Pill hits a comebacker. Belt is intentionally walked to load the bases with 1 out. DeRosa strikes out. Sandoval is brought up to pinch-hit and hits a line drive right to Carroll. Amazingly Ely gets out of the inning unscathed. Casilla starts out the bottom of the 9th and the Dodgers have one of their futile late rallies. KEMvP singles which is his 184th hit of the season. Rivera walks. Bochy then brings in Blackbeard to close it out. Loney hits a pop-fly single which scores KEMvP, 8-5.  Miles flies out to end the game.

So we learned that Eveland most likely is not the answer to our 5th starter issues. Either is Ely. I'd like to see Eovaldi get another start, but I doubt that is going to happen. Tomorrow the rubber game of the series is both our last game of the season against the Giants and the final home game of the year before we embark on the last road trip of the season. Hiroki Kuroda will fittingly take the mound for what might be his last start at Dodger Stadium. Join us tomorrow Dodger fans!

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