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Friday, September 23, 2011

KeMvP's birthday homer, and Lilly's gem down San Diego

Dodgers 2 4 0
padres    0 4 0

Do I need to say more?

The Dodgers Celebrated Matt KeMvP's birthday in style today. our MVP turned 27 as his Mom watched from the stands. The Dodgers beat the Padres 2-0. Mattingly's throwaway lineup could only muster up 2 runs off 4 hits. No Loney, No Rivera, with KeMvP and Sands the only legitimate threats. not suprisingly Bison and Sands accounted for both of the Dodgers runs,( a Sands double, and A bison homer on his bday). Crafty Lefty ted Lilly and the Dodger Bullpen made it stand up. as much as weve ridiculed Ted Lily on this site, he gave another solid outing. pitching 6.1 innings of shutout ball while whiffing 7 San Diego batters. Dougie, Jansen, and Guerra took care of the rest.

the Dodgers go down 123 in the top of the first with Gordon and KeMvP whiffing.
Lilly pitches around a denorfia single for a scoreless bottom of the 1st. the Dodgers score their first run in the top of the second. Sands leads off with a double. oeltjen sacrifices Sands to third. (why are we sacirficing a runner from second and third, when second base is in scoring position?, but I digress...)
Mitchell's grounder scores Sands, 1-0 Dodgers.

Sands scores in the second inning

we were forced to watch in horror as Eugenio Velez was inserted into the lineup and gave his predictable 0 for 4. except this time he tied the major League record for most hitless at bats in a season. tied with Councell, and Bill bergen. if none of you are familiar with Bergen, please look him up. he was a Dodger. and known for his offensive failures. however he also was known for amazing defensive abilities. anyways, hes not gonna get a hit Donnie, stop playing him! we cant take watching him hit anymore. just move on! geez

so with the Dodgers up 1-0, the Padres threatened in the third. Parrino walks, Leblanc sacrifices him to second. Maybin walks. bartlett's force out grounder is broken up nicly by maybin, as Gordon is unable to turn the double play. but it wouldnt matter as Lilly whiffs Denorfia.

bottom of the 4th, Hundley doubles, but Lilly gets the next three San Diego hitters to all pop up. Hudson, Cunningham, and Gonzalez. nice!

move to the top of the 6th, Gordon reaches on a bunt hit. it appears that Leblanc picks him off first base, but instead a balk is called. apparently Leblanc flinched his leg before coming to a complete step. Gordon is awarded second base. sellers flies out to end the inning.

the Padres had 8 men in scoring position, but couldnt score any of them. in the bottom of the 6th, bartlett singles, but Lilly whiffs Denorfia, and Hundley, and Hudson grounds out.

top of the 7th. The Birthday boy, Matt KeMvP, our MVP, blasts his 37th homerun to right field. his Mom was watching from the stands. after KeMvP crossed the plate he high fived Mamma Bison. (or Mamma MVP)
This gives the Dodgers some breathing room, up 2-0.

you cant spell MVP with out KeMvP

Cunnningham doubles to lead off the bottom of the 7th. The ball dropping in between three Dodgers near the foul line. Gonzalez grounds out to Lilly. with Lilly at 99 pitches, Mattingly brings the hook. Dougie is called upon from the bullpen. Kyle Blanks, hits a groundball to Sellers. Cunningham had broke for third, but Sellers fakes to first, and catches Cunningham in a rundown, and eventually tagging him out. heads up play! always get the lead runner if you can. Hermida bats for Leblanc and walks. Dougie whiffs Maybin to end the frame.

Bottom of the 8th. Dodgers stil up 2-0. Jansen enters and whiffs the side.  Bartlett, Denorfia, and Hudley all had no chance to even make contact off of Jansen.

Guerra enters to close shop. Hudson grounds out, Venable pops out, and Gonzalez whiffs ending it. thats Guerra's 20th save! great job Javy!

with this win, the Dodgers improve to 79-77. they need just two more wins for a winning season.
thank goodness San Diego sucks as bad as they do, or we might have had some issues with the lineup Donnie out out.
both the Brewers and Arizona officially clinched tonight. its the Brewers first division title since 1982. Arizona had essentially clinched weeks ago.
we also learned that the Dodgers will be leaving KABC 790 after the season. our new flagship radio station will now be 570 KLAC. an all sports talk format. interesting is this could conflict with Dodger talk, as that is still under contract with KABC.
well the Dodgers get another win, KeMvP htis another home run. on his birthday no less, with his mom watching! there should be no argument at this point. KeMvP is the best palyer in baseball, and deserves to win the MVP. remember the MVP and Cy Young are individual awards, based on individual performences, not team performences.
great game! join us tomorrow as Stacie returns to cover an early game. a saturday 535pm start time. televised on Prime Ticket. Chad Billingsley will take the mound in what could be his final start of 2011. hell draw Aaron Harang. tune in tomorrow Dodger fans! GO BLUE

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