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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dodgers look to screw Giants in game two

Dodgers Lineup

Dana Eveland-1-0 vs. Ryan Vogelsong-10-6

was there anything more gratifying than last night's victory? Another awesome chapter was written in the storied rivalry between the Dodgers and the Giants. watching the Dodgers rally to tie and then take the lead off of Lincecum, giving Kershaw his 18th win, and the Dodgers a 2-1 victory on the night of Stacie's return from Maternity leave, was nothing short of Pure unfiltered Joy.

that gives Kershaw three victories over Lincecum and a 5-1 record against the Giants. just amazing. theres no question that Kershaw is the better pitcher, and with his 18th win should cement him for the Cy Young award.

the Dodgers will give the ball to Journeyman lefty Dana Eveland tonight. the College of the Canyons graduate, surprised us all by pitching 8 innings of 1 run ball, in the rain makeup game in Pittsburgh. Eveland, who the Dodgers grabbed out of the trash bin, has pitched consistently well in Albuquerque this season. posting a 12-8 record. Eveland has beaten the Giants before doing his earlier days he has a 2-0 record against San Francisco with a nice shiny 1.26 ERA

The Hated Giants will counter with Ryan Vogelsong. the young righty whom the Giants reanimated from the grave, has pitched very well this season. but because of the Giants non-existent offense, his record is just 10-6, despite a 2.62 ERA. Vogelsong is 1-1 against the Dodgers

after hearing that Andre Ethier is getting a second recommendation for minor knee surgery, several of the Giants are hurt and unlikely to return this season. Blackbeard you already know, but they have also lost, Nate Schierholtz, Jonathon Sanchez, Buster Posey, Freddy Sanchez, and Jeremy Affeldt is having surgery on his lacerated hand, apparently he cut it trying to unstick, some frozen burgers in his kitchen. the list is almost endless for the Giants.

seriously though, watching the Dodgers beat Lincecum again was wonderfulness. but watching the looks on the San Francisco fans as they watched their playoff hopes flicker and wither away, like a lone candle in the wind of an empty black room was priceless. San Francisco and their fans must realize the sobering reality that their championship was in fact an Aberation.  nothing more than an Anomaly. like a haley's comet being scene from your window for the only time in your lifetime. hilariously enough, we might not see the Giants win another one until Haley's Comet's next visit in about 75 years or so.

Tonight's game has been moved up an hour to a 605 start time. Dana Eveland can provide the nail in the Giant's coffin tonight for the Dodgers. lets get it done shall we boys? join us for our game recap, immediately following.  GO BLUE

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