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Sunday, September 11, 2011

On Getaway day, Dodgers play like it, as Giants avoid sweep on September 11th

Dodgers 1 4 0
Giants    8 11 0

It seems trivial to complain about a baseball game on a day of this magnitude. Still it doesn't make today any less frustrating. on Getaway day, the Dodgers played like it losing to the Giants 8-1. but it seemed secondary as the game was played on the tenth anniversary of the september 11th attacks. there was pre game ceremonies at every ballpark. at At&t park, they handed out printed cards to all the fans. on one side of the card was an american flag, on the other side there was information about a person who passed away in the attacks. during pre game show, Steve Lyons showed us their pre game card which had the information of a nurse who perished while working on like one of the top floors of one of the towers.

before the game Giants manager Bruce Bochy was asked to place the first pitch ball on the mound and leave it there, so there was no ceremonial first pitch throws in honor of the men and woman who passed on september 11th.

I know its getaway day, and guys have to rest but thats no exuse for forfeiting a game with a lineup like this. Mattingly regressed today, batting Sands second. (0 for 4) putting rivera in right and not left. and benching Loney and sellers. no matter what, always put your best lineup together for every game. that is how you edge out your competition.

lets get to the game. heres what happened, as the Giants avoided a sweep. both starters struggled and didn't make it past the 5th inning. Kuroda looked tired and ineffective. it makes me wonder, as it looks like three of our starters are fatiguing. The whole team looked tired. its been a brutally long road trip.

Kuroda struggled for the second straight start

The game starts out lousy for the Dodgers. in the first inning, Bumgarner strikes out the side, by whiffing Gordon,Sands, and Bison.
bottom 1st. Ross leads off with a single.  Keppinger hits a long fly to Gwynn. Beltran whiffs while Ross steals second. fortunately Sandoval's line drive is right at Gwynn. the Dodgers are out of it.

ok so in the top of the second, the Dodgers take an early lead. Rivera whiffs, Miles singles, Big Rod walks,
Gywnn doubles to right, scoring Miles, and sending Big Rod to third. Mitchell is intentionally walked, the bases are loaded. with Kuroda at the plate, they make him show bunt during the at bat. which is dumb, because he could hit into a double play, and you can't honestly believe we could squeeze in Big Rod from third. Kuroda ends up swinging away, and his little dribbler is fielded by Sandoval, and he's able to just badly get Big Rod out at the plate for a force.
Gordon grounds back to the box to end the inning.

Miles scores for the Dodgers in the second
The Giants tie it up in the bottom of the second. Kuroda looks like he's tired to me. he is 36. Huff starts by hitting a long double to center field, over Kemp's head. the ball hits the top of the wall and bounces back to bison. Bochy comes out to argue, asking for a replay thinking the ball hit something beyond the wall and bounced back in play. The umps agree to review the play via instant replay. This is the only way a replay can be used in Baseball nowadays, which is kind of a hot topic among debaters.
The Umps go behind home plate into their quarters or something to review the play. they return ten minutes later to inform us their decision is the ball hit the top of the wall. their call is a ground rule double.

Belt walks, Crawford flies out to left. Whiteside's ground ball single to left scores Huff, sending Belt to second. tie game 1-1.
Bumgarner sacrifices the runners to second and third. but Ross grounds out to end the rally.

Kuroda continued to struggle in the bottom of the third. with two outs, Sandoval doubles, but he gets Huff to ground out.

with two outs in the 4th, Gwynn singles, but he's picked off first base by Bumgarner to end the inning.

bottom of the 4th. Kuroda trudges on. Belt leads off with a long double. Crawford's routine grounder to first gets through Rivera's legs, but he makes a great recovery to pick up the ball, and underhand shovel pass to Kuroda for the out. very nice play. but Belt moves to third. Whiteside and Bumgarner both whiff pathetically ending the threat.

with two outs in the top of the 5th, Gordon walks. but Sands whiffs again. he's making a strong case for a one way ticket back to Albuquerque.
bottom of the 5th was sketch. getting Kuroda through the inning was going to be difficult and it was. Ross flies out, Keppinger singles. Big Rod and Mitchell both collide on a foul out from Beltran. both are very large guys so that was push against shove.
with two outs, that was it for Kuroda. first off they should never have pitched to Sandoval with first base open. he hits a long drive to left, that looked like it was gonna go out, Gwynn leaps to make the catch at the wall, but the ball bounces off his glove. keppinger scores on the double from Sandoval. 2-1 San Francisco.
Huff singles in Sandoval. 3-1. finally Mattingly brings a hook. of coarse its too late. Meltdown prevention Donnie. have we forgotten already?
Finally Kuo is brought in and he easily whiffs Belt. but the damage is done. score 3-1.

 Top 6th, old friend Mota on the mound. Kemp whiffs, Rivera walks. Miles flies out. Big Rod doubles over Huff's head down the line. putting runners at second and third. With Gywnn at bat, Bochy brings a hook and goes with the lefty lefty matchup. Runzler comes in, theres a couple of near wild pitches, then he whiffs Gywnn and thats that.

the bottom the 6th was really aggravating. Dodger pitching allowed 5 walks in the inning for a complete and total walkapalooza. Kuo walks Crawford. Walkapalooza. Kuo walks Whiteside. walkapalooza. Torres sacrifices the runners to second and third. Lindlbom relieves Kuo and is ordered to intentionally walk Cody Ross. Walkapalooza. Keppinger doubles in Crawford and Whiteside. 5-1. Mattingly brings in Elbert. he whiffs Beltran for the second out. Sandoval is intentionally walked. Huff walks. forcing in a run. Walkapalooza. Derosa pinch hits and singles in two more runs. its 8-1. this game is defiantly over. Crawford finally flies out ending this horrendous inning.

Hawksworth pitches a scoreless 7th, and the dodgers go down very quietly in the 8th against rookie Wilkin Joaquin.

Fedex makes hi debut as he comes in to catch for Troncoso in the bottom of the 8th. somehow Troncosco gets through the 8th without allowing a run.

top of the 9th gives us the only reason for watching the last inning. Fedex's first big league at bat. with Joaquin finishing the game. Miles grounds out. Fedex whiffs, and Gwynn grounds out. thats the game.

our .500 jubilance is over. the Dodgers head home for the last home stand of the year. they'll start with a three game set against first place Arizona. Tomorrow Ted Lilly takes the mound for the Dodgers. hell draw lefty Joe Saunders. Well be here tomorrow. be sure to check in with us for our pre and post game recaps. Tough one today on a day we won't ever forget. shake it off boys. GO BLUE

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