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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Chop Stoppers Game 2

Dodgers Lineup

Nathan Eovaldi-1-2 vs. Mike Minor-4-2

the blazing hot Dodgers are on a roll. after coming from behind to score 5 runs in the 7th inning to win 8-6, the Dodgers have won 10 out of 11 and 12 out of 15. the Dodgers are really playing fantastic baseball. thanks to a new and improved High Flyin' offense. led by Kemp, Ethier, Rivera, Gordon, and a resurgent Loney. the Dodgers are also making spectacular plays in the field, turning Double plays, and even though the bullpen still is a bit sketch at times, they've been generally effective. this teamed with the Dodgers solid starting pitching, has them only three games under .500 at 67-70.

tonight won't be easy. if the Dodgers can somehow sneak in a win today, then with kershaw pitching tomorrow, could a sweep be in the Dodgers future? we shall see.

the Dodgers will give the ball to rookie Nathan Eovaldi. who will be making his final start before moving to the bullpen. the Dodgers looking to keep Eovaldi's innings down, is hoping he bounces back from a tough start last time.

Atlanta will Counter with lefty Mike Minor. Minor is 4-2 and hasn't started in ten days. he has improved his change up from what I read, and normally tends to tire out in the 6th inning, as most of his runs have come in those frames.

well have to deal with those annoying tomahawk chants for two more games. I remember all though out the 90's we had to listen to that and was very annoying. some Braves fans have these little bitty hand held tomahawks, they use, while most Braves fans use their arms as a tomahawk, extending their arms back and forth. sometimes when the cameras pan through the crowd, you can even see a few huge mammoth tomahawks, bigger than me. annoying. I bet those 8 Dodger runs last night sure shut them up.

the Dodgers are on a roll, but can they make a run? it could be too little too late for the Dodgers. have they run out of time? game time is at 410 on KCAL. each day brings a new hope. together we rise, together we stand. GO BLUE

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