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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Guerra and his walkapalooza blows game in the 10th

Dbacks   5 7 0
Dodgers  4 8 0

Im sorry guys I have bad news to bring you tonight. first the Dodgers lost, second I wasnt able to watch the game since I was in school all night. unfortunatly Stacie is on her strict game count, and was unable to cover this one. actually this may be the first game weve missed all year. Hey were human, and there might be a game or two that we cant completly cover in all detail. it is a long season.
However I did keep track of what was going on through gameday, and the scoreticker.
The game was on KCAL and there is no replay, so I cant rewatch the game. Even if there was, Im just not up to it tonight. im feeling a bit under the weather, so ill make this quick.

The Dodgers lost their third in a row. 5-4 to Arizona in 10 innings. the Dodgers scored 4 runs in the first inning off of Ian Kenendy, then rolled over and didnt score another run for the rest of the game. Arizona scored two off of Billingsley in the first inning, one in the 3th, and 1 in the 7th, before breaking the tie in the 10th inning. Kennedy was denied his chance for his 20th win, and finished with a no-decision. Bills also finished with a no-decision. somehow he pitched into the 7th inning, but should never have been allowed to go out for the 7th. I did watch Guerra blow the game in the 10th, by walking three batters in a row to force in a run. just awful.

apparently there was also an incident where Parra homered and then hot dogged it around the bases, before Kershaw and a couple of the Dodgers started to yell at him from the Dodgers dugout. boy the Dbacks are getting really cocky arent they? just wait until Kershaw makes them all look foolish tomorrow, and then they wont have anything to talk about.

The Bullpen is exhasuted, and Bills, Kuorda, and Lilly, all have faded into ineffectiveness. Kuroda has a neck problem and should be ok. Ted Lilly, well is Ted Lilly. but Bills is who im really worried about. with these three not going past the 4th or 5th inning the last couple of weeks, the Bullpen has been run out to exhaustion. I dont understand this. Bills was awful again, and clearly theres something wrong with him. did the Dodgers get him checked out by the team doctors? why not just sit Bills and Kuroda, and let Ely, and Eovaldi take their spots. there is only what 15 games left? there is no reason to risk their careers for meaningless games. why is Eovaldi shutdown, but our number 2 starter who just signed a multi million dollar contract extension is left out to die on the mound? It seems unbelievably reckless.
Also leaving Guerra in for a second inning in the 10th when hes pitched in almost every game this week, and has a cracked fingernail is gambling with this guys career.

Look I dont want to sound negative here, but ive never been much of a Don Mattingly fan. I was slightly warming up to him more, until these latest regressions this week. the truth is some managers just dont work out. I like Mattingly, hes a great guy. hes a great coach, and he was a great player back in his days. He relates well with the players, and runs a good clubhouse, and makes sure all players have prepared properly for the game. but what he is lacking is the strategy centric mind that a good manager must have to win games. A good manager must be able to determine the correct strategies to use in each game, and how to properly use their players. (for example see Kirk Gibson) not risking our young pitchers arms by overworking them into exhasution should be top priority. perhaps its time for a change next season?

oh and if you think that nothing bad can happen to these young pitchers, and there arms couldnt possibly be blown, well I should remind you of Jonathon Broxton. yeah remember him?

the Dodgers have finally admitted that his arm is blown to smithereens and he wont be back this season, or possibly ever in Dodger Blue. This of coarse comes as no suprise to us, as weve known since opening day that his arm was Blown.
read the compelte Broxton Blown Arm Admission here-

Broxton's arm is officially Blown

Stacie and I both aggreed that we would not mince words on this blog, so this critique is necessary. we just dont want to see any more of our young pitchers having their careers ruined over meaningless games.

Im taking a much needed day off tomorrow. Stacie will return to cover tomorrow night's game as Clayton Kershaw will go for his 19th win of the season, as he marches towards the Cy Young. Ill be back on thursday night for the first game of the Pittsburgh series. lets hope no one is injured. have a good night Dodger fans. GO BLUE

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